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Facebook Business Pages has changed how Local Ottawa Business socialize.
PG PAINT & DESIGN Facebook profile page
Facebook is a great way for businesses to post their services, ideas and communicate to their audiences. Many of us Local Business Pages used to be able to post an update and all the other business pages who had liked our page would see our posts in their news feed and we would be able to see theirs and be able to comment. Well that all changed back around April or May 2016.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Pina Germano and I am the co-owner of PG Paint & Design house painters here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I also manage our social pages and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + Page, Pinterest, and Houzz profiles for our house painting business. Although we have a You-tube and Instagram account I have not yet fully mastered them and i think for now I’ll wait. As you may note i am also author on many of the blogs for our website

We had lost complete communication with some of our usual network of Local Ottawa business pages such as: Gifford Associates, Granite Transformation Ottawa, Emerald Tile Marble, Ottawa at Home Magazine just to name a few. We had been missing out on their updates and had completely disconnected. Not because we wanted to but because of Facebookmaking changes and never informing us so that we can adjust and adapt. Out of complete frustration and wanting to reconnect I’ve put this article together and hope it helps.
PG Paint & Design post on a Facebook business page
The question was:
To all ‪#‎Local‬ ‪#‎Ottawa‬ businesses. Just wanted to get some feedback in regards to recent updates on FB for pages. Are you finding it difficult to communicate, share or comment on other business pages since they’ve changed the way we used to do it directly from our personal profile page.
comment section and reply to a comment on PG Paint & Design Facebook page
We did get some great feedback from some of our networking pages. Our friends at Cktechconnect shared with us a link to a great instructional video put together by Karen Clark

After following the steps outlined in the video above I still was not getting the results I wanted. Which was simply to be able to see other business pages feed and to comment and share. So my frustration leads to investigating and here is what i found

Make the changes from your Settings

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Go to the top right-hand corner where it says Settings and click on it
  3. Scroll down to where it reads Age Restrictions
  4. Click on the Edit pencil icon 
  5. Change the age restrictions from whatever you have it at now and SET IT to 13+ (we used to have ours set at 21+ and since we changed to 13+) there’s a complete difference
  6. Go Back to Your Business Page
  7. Go to the right hand side of the page and click where it reads See News Feed
  8. You’ll now be able to toggle between your personal and business page just like Karen Clark mentions and be able to socialize and network once again.

Making that small change will help us all get back to networking, So I look forward to seeing everyone’s Facebook news feed, reading the posts, commenting and sharing as we did before the changes were imposed.

Special thanks to Karen Clark for producing a very informative and useful you-tube video which shed the light to the changes and how we could adapt. Your step by step guide was truly helpful in beginning to understand the changes. And thanks to our Friends at CktechConnect for guiding us to this video.

Hope you’ve found this to be somewhat helpful and I thank you for taking the time to read it. Till next time Ciao for now.
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