Home Accessibility and Renovations

Life brings challenges and changes, and sometimes these changes require us to make renovations and improvements to our home. This happened in our family just two years ago when my mother had a stroke. Making the necessary home accessability and renovations is one thing we could do to help mom regain a new normal.
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After her two week stay in hospital, her arrival home was a huge change for all the family. We needed to adapt to how things would now be different.

Mom couldn’t walk, so we bought a wheelchair, she couldn’t climb steps outside the home so we added a ramp, so that we could push the wheelchair up and eventually when she got to use a walker she could push the walker up the ramp. Little did we know it would take about 4 months post stroke before she started using the walker. So the ramp was very convenient for family members and care takers to push her around in the wheelchair.

Around the 8 month mark she was getting better at managing the walker somewhat. She would be upset cause she would bump into the walls leave scuff marks or dents but it wasn’t an issue because we are in the painting and drywall repair business those were easy fixes.

We had to to ensure that all her needs were taken care of so that she could recover at her own pace and hopefully progress with therapy. We made sure to get a special toilet seat with handles, a chair that grips in the shower, hand grips/bars in the shower and in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the kitchen in order for her to be able to support herself as she tried to get back a new daily routine. A stair lift was installed so that eventually she could go to the basement of her home. It’s surprising all the little things we take for granted until they change on us.

So although as mentioned above we have the expertise in being able to repair any drywall and repainting the room or rooms where new equipment was installed we have to say that we came across an amazing local Ottawa business who takes really good care of all your mobility and access requirements for any situation. We introduce you to The Good Access Company 

The Good Access Company is a home health care company with over 40 years combined experience in the field of helping clients find the best solutions for their home and accessibility needs.
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Their primary goal is to provide the finest equipment, customer service and care. Committed to helping people increase freedom and mobility by providing the necessary equipment for their situation.

Their website provides all sorts of information and links to support your needs.
Funding Support providing you with all the local Ottawa funding and support programs
Government of Canada Website providing all the access to information you may need for disability application

Ontario’s Home Renovation Tax Credit Find out if you qualify for a Ontario Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit. If you have made recent changes to your home to make it more easily accessible and provide you ease of mobility you may qualify.

Visit The Good Access Company full list of equipment and supplies for all your equipment purchases and or rentals. They are located in Ottawa’s West End just off Hunt Club Road and Prince of Wales Drive.

Home Improvement, Repairs, Painting

As mentioned at the beginning of our story, where mom was upset with all the damage she would cause with her walker or wheelchair, having all the necessary equipment and safe environment for her was our priority.

We made sure to fix all the bumps and dents and then repainted where necessary. If you need our house painting services or drywall repairs after having equipment installed or changes made to your home, please feel free to contact us, our house painting service areas in Ottawa are more likely available in a neighborhood near you. We know how it is as we’ve been through it ourselves and we’re here to help as are the good folks at Good Access.

UPDATE: it’s now been 2 years and 5 months since mom’s stroke, and we are thrilled to say that she’s come along way. She’s walking with and without her walker somedays. She’s become stronger again, but she couldn’t have done it without all the physio, homecare, and the equipment installed to make her life easier and regain her strength and we’re grateful to have celebrated her 84th birthday this past april. Ciao for now, hope you found this helpful. Pina G.