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Life brings challenges and changes, and sometimes these changes require us to make renovations and improvements to our home.  About 6 years ago it happened within our own family after a parent had a stroke.

This created access issues around the home that required a few renovations to make the house accessible by wheelchair and provide easy and safe ways for them to get around their own environment.
stair chair lift to assist accessibility around home

Home Access

Having access to the home was difficult after the stroke.  Wheelchairs and walkers were needed for our parent to be able to get anywhere.  Getting in and out of the home was difficult without building a ramp to be able to push the wheelchair and walker allowing entry in the home.

Getting in and out of the home were not the only new challenges facing our parent, but the simple tasks such as getting in and out of the shower, being able to use the toilet and getting in and out of bed created difficulties.

It was with the help of the great people at Good who guided us through everything we would need to make the home accessible.

They provided optimal services to ensure the safety and ease of access to our parents home and every day life.  From recommending grab bars for bathroom, hand rails and aids for getting in and out of bed, grab bars for shower, stair lifts and more, they made sure to provide all the necessary things needed to regain some normal all the while ensuring safety.

home accessibility by good access a company in Ottawa

The Good Access Company is a home health care company in Ottawa with the knowledge and experience in the field of helping clients find the best solutions for their home and accessibility needs.  Their primary goal is to provide the finest equipment, customer service and care and are committed to helping people increase freedom and mobility.  They were a huge help in our situation.

Their website also provides the information you need along with the links to help with local Ottawa government services.  You’ll find the information necessary for funding support, the Government of Canada Website that provides access and information for any disability application, along with the Ontario’s Home Renovation Tax Credit.   They are located in Ottawa’s west end just of Hunt Club and Prince of Whales Drive.

Home Improvements

Improvements around the home are necessary to make anyone’s life better, especially for those who have to because of recent changes and challenges.  Home improvements such as widening door ways to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, and adding safety bars in bathrooms, around stairways and any other places one needs the added support.

Ensuring a safe environment with installing necessary equipment aids will create the need for a few repairs.  Here’s a quick list of some of the repairs we needed to make after the installation of the safety and accessible new aids needed in the home.

Repairs and Painting

Repairs to the drywall were necessary after the installation of the grab bars and the stair lifts were installed.  A few bumps and dents were patched and repainted.

The repairs are minimal compared to the new changes in our parents every day world.  But with the help of the great people at good access, we know all the safety measures are in place and a return to a new normal has been made a little easier.

If you are in need of house painting services in Ottawa, after a home renovation or improvement, simply fill out our contact us form.  Our painting services extend to many Ottawa neighborhoods near you.


This post was originally published on Aug 22, 2016 and edited on July 29, 2020