Have a Painting Project? Let’s talk about it

Writing things down is the best way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas if you have a painting project to get started with.

While some homeowners may attempt their own DIY painting others may look to hiring painting companies in Ottawa to get it done professionally by a painter with years of experience.

If you are going to go ahead and do-it-yourself here are a few things to write down to help you plan it out.

professional painter painting a wall with a brush

How To Plan A Painting Project

It sounds and looks easy especially with all the home shows instructions and the world wide web instructional videos.  But not everyone is cut-out to do painting and to do it right.

To help you get started with your own painting project use these tips as a guideline.

Tip 1 – Gather up your ideas and thoughts on paper or start a scrapbook.  Writing and collecting ideas will help you achieve the look you are wanting in your new home decor.

Tip 2 – There are millions of paint colours to choose from many different paint manufacturing companies.  Most of the popular paint colours are the same but each company has a different name for it.  Don’t forget to choose the paint finish a.k.a. sheen you want.

bonus tip ***  any brand of paint you choose can be colour matched at paint store for the exact high quality of paint brand you want to use. ***

Tip 3 – Once you have decided on the paint colours you want to use to re-decorate your home with, it’s off to your local paint store to buy the paint and of course don’t forget you will need a good quality paint primer and tools to get you started.

Tip 4 – After you have purchased all that you will need to get started with the painting.  You will want to make sure you do all the preparatory work to make sure to prepare the drywall  and surfaces are ready for the paint.

The prep work is key to a smooth and professional painting end result.  Patching and repairing the drywall imperfections, filling nail holes and pops and making sure to do repairs to ceiling is also important to do before applying any paint.

Tip 5 – After all the patching, sanding and priming is complete you can begin to paint the ceiling, the trim and doors and the walls.  After painting a primer onto the surfaces you will need to apply two coats of a paint colour.  Sometimes you may need three or even four.  It depends on how dark that colour you want is.

bonus tip *** get the primer in a tint that closely matches the paint colour you will be using.  This helps you avoid the over 3 coats of final finish.***


Hire A Professional Painting Company in Ottawa

There are so many fine details to know about getting a professional looking result when planning a painting project.

If all the above information is just to much to bare and there is no time in your busy schedule, it is the perfect time to call in the professional painting services of the best painters in Ottawa.

Get a painting estimate from a reliable painter.  When they show up for the consultation, ask the painters questions about what kind of work they will be doing, what types of paints they will be using and anything else that you are needing more information about.

interior painting of front entrance hallway and family room area by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Get To know your Ottawa Painters by visiting their photo gallery to see the interior painting work and exterior painting work they have been doing in neighborhoods in the Ottawa area.  See how others customers experiences have been like by reading testimonials and reviews.

This post was originally published on Feb 16, 2015 and updated on Aug 19, 2020