Paint Primer

painters advice on using paint primer vs all in one paints
Know the difference between the All in One Paints and a quality Paint Primer. Choosing the right one for your next painting project will make all the difference

All In One Paints or Paint Primer

It’s important to use a paint primer before applying any final coat of paint finish or colour.

Some may skip this step but we think it’s important so that the final end result is one that looks professionally done.

There are the all in one paints that have claimed their way to fame, leading people to believe it’s faster, easier and cheaper.

As professional painters we never use all in one primers.  Instead we buy quality primer paint products to use.  Sometimes if it is a dark paint colour we are painting on the walls then we can have the paint primer dyed to match close to the final colour selection, and this allows best coverage therefore resulting in using less of the final (more expensive paint) colour.  Find out more about the difference between paint primer and all in one 

Using a paint primer ensures better adhesion of the final product.  In the end it is no cheaper to buy an all in one paint over a primer then the final paint colour.

You can calculate the costs of painting and the cost of buying paint  before deciding on which is the best suitable for your particular project.

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