Painting in Neutral Paint Colours

Choosing a Neutral Paint Colour for any interior house painting can be overwhelming.  There are so many neutral paint colours to choose from these days.  They vary from Browns to Grays and sometimes referred to as Greige.

Stripes Painted On Wall in Dark Gray and Light Gray Paint by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters
Dark and Light Gray Neutral Paint Colour painted in stripes on wall

Choosing Neutral Paint Colours

When choosing from the neutral paint colour palette consider first the mood or setting if you will of the room you are wanting to paint.  Your Local Ottawa House Painters are a good source of valuable and knowledgeable information as well as guidance for a paint colour consultation .

Paint Colour guide for choosing colours
shows Guide of color and what it expresses

Over the years we’ve seen neutrals that range from whites, to browns, grays, blues and greens.  Any one of these colours offer a neutral tone or hue.  You can decide on whether to choose a dark bold shade or a lighter shade for the neutral tone.

Painting to Sell

Did you know that when you are considering  house painting for your home it has advantages for yourself as well as a potential buyer if your house is listed in the Ottawa real estate market.

Neutrals bring balance and soothing energy to any home decor.  For  the homeowner it provides the comfort and relaxing feeling of your space, and allows you to bring forward your personality and character with the shade and tone you choose for the walls and by adding accessories like lamps, dark furniture, mirrors and rugs, window treatments to your home decor puts your personalized signature to every room.

An advantage to a potential home buyer is that it neutralizes everything and provides them a more flexible view on envisioning themselves in this home. It’s a well known fact that when you paint in a neutral scheme for the purpose of selling it help increase the market resale value and  help sell your house faster.

I would recommend PG PAINT & DESIGN to anyone. This was the 2nd time I’ve hired Pino. I was preparing my home for sale and it needed the basement painted and various touch-ups throughout. Pino did an excellent job, on time and within budget. He even made suggestions on how I could improve the appearance of my home for resale. My home conditionally sold within 48 hours of being listed. I feel that Pino’s work was one of the reasons this happened. I will be hiring Pino again when it comes time to paint my new condo. It is always a pleasure working with Pino.

Whether your staying or moving and looking for a refresh in your home decor painting in neutral paint colours  doesn’t have to be boring. Neutral no longer means beige or white.  There are neutral paints in every paint colour you can imagine. Check out our photo gallery for a few ideas and then of course you can visit the Benjamin Moore Website to find your colour or any other manufacturing company of paint products that offer huge selection of ideas for every room in your house.

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