Ottawa Painter Reviews watch this consumer report about online reviews

As Professional Ottawa House Painters we felt the need to bring this very important, informative and very well put together video message from CBC Marketplace for everyone reading those online reviews.

Now we are not posting this great news video to boast about ourselves, but rather we felt it necessary to let consumers know. We actually first found the video on another painter’s Facebook page. From Toronto we thank Eco painting Inc for sharing this and bringing it forward for us to watch and share as well.

We do want to share it to let consumers know that sadly many businesses do use this form of deception to boost their online ranking with Google or other websites. Some businesses pay to have their business listings come up first for everything, pay for reviews as mentioned in the video, if you look closely on some of the websites, some of the reviews are written consistently on the same day, many using the same wording, and yes some of businesses do have a negative review removed, because they’ve paid for that service.

We feel it’s important for all consumers to be informed but unfair for them to be deceived by paid reviews, by any business, whether it’s restaurants, clothing, or contracting, and this is why we’ve shared this video so that everyone can be well informed that in today’s quick speed, technology world not everything you see or read is real. You will also find a follow up to the above video on how companies can actually change a review they don’t approve of. Imagine you write a review good or bad and if the company doesn’t like it they can have it deleted or changed before it gets posted online. How edited online reviews can occur is posted on another video by CBC Marketplace. Simply click here to view the video  to know what can happen before you leave another online review.

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