Ottawa Painter Reviews watch this consumer report about online reviews

It is important for all consumers to be informed about unfair or deceptive practices by some businesses.

We feel it is important to bring to the attention of homeowners and consumers how they can be deceived by fake online reviews for a local business.  Whether it’s restaurants, hairdresser, or a contracting company things can be altered.

Online Reviews For Local Business

Watch this very informative video from CBC Marketplace on Youtube to see how some businesses pay for reviews, write fake reviews and even pay to have them removed if they do not approve.

After watching the video, there is a better understanding of how things may not always be what they appear.

We felt it necessary to share this video and info so that all consumers can make the right choice based on honest reviews left for companies.

How To Tell The Difference Between Real and Fake Reviews

Knowing the difference between the real and fake reviews that are available online is not that easy.

One thing is for certain, always go with your gut instinct.

For example when you read some of the five star reviews, take note of if they all kind of read the same.  Do they repeat themselves, do they sound to good to be true.

These are just a few red flags that might make you think twice about believing what you read.

Some companies pay other online review sites to list their businesses and for a certain amount of $$$ money per month this online review business will make sure that the business receives positive reviews.  They are also paid to have negative reviews removed.

If a business receives a bad or negative review they pay the online source to have it removed or edited.

Now this does not seem fair.  Your right, but it’s the reality of all things online and technology. Things change in an instant and may not always be what they are supposed to be.

We also found this informative video from CBC Marketplace on how online reviews are edited .  Imagine that after writing a review good or bad, a company can pay to have it removed or edited.  

Now not all businesses have hundreds of reviews that have been paid for or that are untrue.  Many honest businesses provide great customer service and have the fortune of having satisfied and happy customers to provide honest reviews.

Reviews For Painters In Ottawa

We did not post this informative video to boast about being the best painters in Ottawa or the best painting company in Ottawa but rather we felt it necessary to inform all consumers and to give you the power of knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing a business to deal with.  Testimonials and reviews should be provided by clients who have used the services of a company.

We hope that this video and information has been helpful and useful.  Not all businesses are deceptive. Remember to trust that gut instinct when reading anything online.


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This post was originally published on Jun 8, 2015 and edited on Apr 27, 2020