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When looking to hire interior house painters in Ottawa you want to know you are getting a painter that has years of experience and knowledge working as a professional painting company.  Trying to find the best can be a daunting task as a search on google produces pages and pages of results.

The following are a few tips on things like what to look for when hiring a painter to help you with your search the next time you are looking to transform your home decor with a fresh new paint colour.

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House Painters In Ottawa

When trying to find a painting company to work with you on your next home painting project, you want to be able to choose someone you feel comfortable working in your home and knowing that they are professional.  A few ways to explore which is the best fit for you is by asking friends and neighbors if they know of a reliable painter that they have worked with before.  Referrals from family and friends are the best compliment any business can receive.

Here are a few more tips to follow when conducting your online search to find the best painters in Ottawa.

Tips On How To Find A Painter In Ottawa

Going through the never ending list of painting contractors in Ottawa by doing an online search can be daunting, as pages and pages come up.

Take for example when typing a search query using the words “find painter” or “find painters” or “find painting companies” into the google search box will give you hundreds of results for each.  Sorting through all of them is the daunting part without a doubt.  Hopefully these tips can be helpful.

Tip 1 : Check the Reviews on Google to read the customer feedback.  This type of search will also provide you with the necessary information on the location of the company, and you can find interior house painters in Ottawa on google maps.

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Most people like to hire local small businesses for home services, baked goods, or things like furniture repairs, as it pays to keep it local.  It is  a way to keep our community vibrant with more family run and owned businesses.

Tip 2: Visit the company’s website and read the testimonials that clients have provided for the painting company.  There is no better compliment a company can receive than the words of happy clients who are satisfied with all the services received.

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Tip 3:  Check out their social pages. Many business have a great following on the social pages where they share ideas, updates and information.  From painting tips to advice, their updates can provide you with ideas in home decor, DIY projects and keep you up to date on their current works.  Many painting companies today also have information if you are doing your own diy painting, tips on how to and information about paint products and more.  You can usually find all this information on their house painting blog.

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Tip 4: Get estimates  from at least three painting companies.   This gives you the opportunity to meet with the painter, ask questions and get advice about your painting project.  They can help with things like how to decide on paint colours, what is paint finish or sheen, help with choosing paint colours, and recommend what paint finish to use and the best paint products and other services they provide.  Professional painters will also have the knowledge and experience with stipple ceiling removal and repainting, repairs to the drywall that need to be done professionally before painting.  Find out how you can help the painters before they arrive.

Painting Project Estimate Form

Tip 5:   Make sure the painter provides you all the necessary information you were looking for.   They explain the details of the work they will be doing as per your request.  They tell you the type of paint they will use that is best suited for your project, they can tell you the cost of all that is required, such as the paint, supplies, materials and labour to provide you with the final quote.

How To Decide On Which Painting Company to Hire

A meeting in your home to discuss the interior painting or exterior painting services you are wanting to hire a painting company for is the best way to get to know the painter or painters that will be working in your home and around your family and pets.

Starting with the conversation between the homeowner and the painter, walking through the home and discussing the details of the job are the starting point to help you make the decision.

Checking out their referrals, visiting their previous work photos and reading the reviews will give you an idea to the attention to details this company will provide and if they are the perfect fit to welcome into your home.

Sample of Questions To Ask A Painter

When you schedule an appointment to meet with the painter at your house and do a walk through your home here are a few sample questions you can ask

  1.   Will they use a paint primer
  2.   What type or brand of paint will they use
  3.   How many coats of paint is included in the quote
  4.   How many colours can you choose that will be included in the final price
  5.   Is caulking and sanding around the windows, doors and baseboards included in the estimate
  6.   Will they do any repairs to the drywall, fill nail holes, fix nail pops or cracks before painting

There are more questions to ask  when you are considering to hire a painter.  If you decide to do it on your own you may find these tips for painting the interior of your house helpful.

To make all things clear, it is equally important for the painter to ask the homeowner a few questions.

A painting contractor might ask homeowners the following questions to provide an accurate quote:

  1.  Is it walls only that need to be painted
  2.  Does the ceiling need to be painted
  3.  Are the baseboards, trim, windows, frames and doors to be included in the quote
  4.   Are you wanting the highest end of paint product or the typical middle range

As you can see the questions between the homeowner and painter are important in that first meeting.  Having the conversation first helps alleviate any problems or issues arising after the project has started.

Whether it is for painting just a room or a job that extends a few days, whether it is big or small you the homeowner want to know that the painter is available for questions or concerns and that you can contact them.

This article hopefully has given you a quick glimpse into how to search the next time you are looking for interior house painters in Ottawa.

We look forward to you contacting us for all your interior house painting in Ottawa


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