Little Italy – Preston Street Neighborhood

Over the months of October and November 2014 PG Paint & Design – Ottawa House Painters  worked on a project in the “Little Italy” area of Ottawa. The house was built in the 1950’s and due for some upgrading.

The Preston Street Little Italy Area of Centretown West- Ottawa is unique, vibrant, beautiful and popular neighbourhood to live. Walking distance to many Caffe’s, and great food in Little Italy Ottawa Chinatown and Dow’s Lake, as well it’s close to the Civic Hospital Area as well as The Glebe and Westboro Area

Being that it was going to be a labour of love we took on the challenge for the home repair, home improvement and renovations and house painting. We took on the initiative of working on most of the home renovations because this particular project is near and dear to our hearts. It was the home my wife grew up in as a child.

text as little Italy painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN under the bridge

Removing Wallpaper was not an easy feat, however with the necessary steps taken with plastic drop cloths, a bottle sprayer and a scraper (razor blade like) and or a spackle knife. We saturated the wallpaper with hot water containing vinegar and razored/scraped it off the drywall without damaging the sheetrock. It took a bit of elbow grease to remove the ages old wallpaper but we did and the clean up from the debris all fell onto the plastic drop cloths of which were easily rolled up and tossed away. We also had the fact that the house was empty of residents and furniture and therefore didn’t need much to protect.

After the wall paper was removed, ceramic tile was put in it’s place. Because of it being the laundry room area, we all agreed that it would be best to put ceramic, works just like the backsplash in the kitchen right… Water doesn’t get the paint or drywall wet. So they can splash around all they want but the ceramic is gonna put up a good fight 🙂

Here are some of the photos of what the place looked like before PG Paint & Design – Ottawa House Painters started working on the renovations and painting. We pardon the quality of some of the photos but they were taken quickly with iPhone, Once we’ve put together all the photos everyone else in the family 🙂 took who helped in this project we’ll update this post with more after pics.

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