Italian Week in Ottawa

We’re super excited about Italian Week in Ottawa this year. So far the roundup of activities is intense.  Take a listen to Tony Mariani, President of Italian Week Ottawa as he goes through the line up of awesome events. Watch the video from our Local Ottawa News that tells you all the activities going on for the week.

We’re excited that David Rocco chef extraordinaire is coming to Ottawa again.  The last time we had the pleasure of seeing and meeting him was back in January 2011 at the National Art Centre in downtown Ottawa.

David Rocco and PG PAINT & DESIGN members at National Arts Centre January 2011

He was here for – Celebrity Chef Night 2011.  We were fortunate enough to have tickets to this culinary event. It was a true pleasure to walk around the NAC and taste all the amazing dishes prepared by several different chefs from across Canada.

David Rocco is an awesome chef, we’ve often cooked recipes from one of his cookbooks and enjoy it every time.  He was kind and generous to take the time to meet and talk with us and sign our cookbook and our wine glasses too 🙂

David Rocco sign PG PAINT & DESIGN cookbook January 2011

pair of glasses and book signed by David Rocco

book and a glass signed by David Rocco

Celebrating being Italian

Every year the Italian community gets together on Preston Street, Ottawa’s Little Italy area.. It is here that we all gather to celebrate our culture, share our traditional foods, dance and cultural traditions. So many activities are planned for everyone from the very young with kiddie rides and games, to tents for the older generation to gather and listen to live bands playing traditional Italian folklore like our famous “Tarantella” dance, to more up to date new music. Whichever the preference is, be-it traditional folklore or modern there’s always great dancing and fun times to be had.

From the amazing bicycle race down the streets of Little Italy, to the showcasing of Italian made vehicles like the Fiats and the Ferrari’s to our annual parade honoring our Patron Saint Anthony from our community parish of St. Anthony’s Church on Booth St and Gladstone Ave . Take a drive, walk or bike ride down with directions on getting there from google maps . The church was built by the italians in the community back in 1914. Original temporary location was on Murray Street in the Byward Market area of Ottawa. Between the increasing population of italians, fire destruction, decisions were made to build and move from one location to another.  If you’re looking for a church in an area near you visit the Archdiocese of Ottawa Directory for a list of neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

Mark your calendars for the month of June between the 09th and 19th of June 2016 there is plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.  Visit the Italian Week Ottawa website for all updates and information.

Ciao for Now, Look forward to seeing everyone at Italian week in Ottawa.

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