Paint Colours Can Make A Small Room Feel Larger

painted hallway with white stair posts and light gray walls
Painting in Light Paint Colours can make a small room look bigger

An easy and cost effective way to change up the feel of a smaller room is by painting it.  Yes paint colours can make a small room feel larger.

Neutral Light Paint Colours will make a room appear bigger almost instantly.  Using the popular gray paint colours in lighter shades will create a cozy and modern feel to any room.

Lighter shades of gray, blue, greens in the neutral paint palettes are good go to paint colours for any room in your house.

White paint is also very popular as homeowners like the fresh feel it gives as well as it makes everything look bigger.  It reflects better on both natural lighting as well as unnatural interior lighting, giving the illusion of a lot more space.

Paint The Trim To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Painting the trim, baseboards, crown moulding or cove wood work that highlights any room in your house can add depth.

white painted trim and crown moulding
white painted crown moulding, trim and baseboards reflects light and helps make room look larger

Usually painters recommend painting and trim, moulding, cove, crown molding and baseboards in a semi gloss white.

Make A Small Room Look More Spacious

Remember that if you paint everything in a white or light coloured paint colour you can add all the pizzazz in your accessories.

white painted walls with one green painted accent wall
Paint the Walls White Then Add Pizzazz With Accessories

Adding a punch of colour in the carpet or sofa or even throw pillows creates the complete look to any room.  You may even want to paint one focal wall a.k.a. accent wall in a bolder and darker colour  and this will still help make a small room look more spacious.

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