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Paint is an essential component of every home decor. It is the inexpensive way to creatively decorate and transform any room of your home.

Whether its painting of your house or condo, apartment or residence it is a quick and easy alternative to make an impact to any room in your home.interior and exterior painting by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Interior House Painters in Ottawa

If you are listing your home for the Ottawa Real Estate Market your agent may advise you to have interior house painting done before listing. A fresh coat of paint can help sell a house faster.

If you are buying a new house and want to change the decor to personalize it with your own signature getting interior painting done before move in day is an easy way to decorate before settling in. Not sure about which colours to choose then a personalized paint colour consultation is exactly what can be discussed with your professionally hired .

You can make any room look bigger, cooler or warmer and cozier just by choosing the paint colours.

Best advice you will get from either a professional painter, interior decorator, home stager or your real estate agent is that Neutral Paint Colours are always the go to colour choices. They are always pleasing to both the homeowner and or  home buyer.

Of course if you will be living in this house for years to come you can choose a neutral paint colour along with some bold paint colours to highlight a focal wall in one room or a couple of rooms. You can paint the doors in a dark colour like almost a black and the walls in a light neutral giving you a trendy modern look that’s popular in Ottawa painting  over the past couple of years.

You can find a huge array of paint manufacturers that offer a variety of paint colours in every imaginable hue and tone. We use the Benjamin Moore Products and there’s an extensive online gallery to choose your paint colours for your interior painting. You can visit the paint colour overview  at  Benjamin Moore website for ideas for every room in your house.I

t’s a good idea to get some paint colour samples at any of the  Ottawa Local Paint Stores. Walk into any one of them and there are always experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help guide you and offer their advice.

We also recommend that when you bring your paint colour samples home make sure you look at them in a variety of lighting situations.

Take a look when the sun and daylight is beaming through the windows. This will give you a different look to the paint colour when you look at it again in the evening with just the interior lights on.

Lighting changes the shade and tone but not the colour. With low lighting paint colours may look darker while in bright sunlight or daylight they will not look as dark as you were hoping.

Just to be on the safe side look at it for a few days before making your final decision. We’re always here to help with all your house painting and other home services if you need our professional opinion.

How to Choose An Interior House Painting Contractor in Ottawa

An Interior House Painter in Ottawa should have the experience, the knowledge as well as the confidence to help guide you and offer you advice and tips.

A Painter can offer tips such as:

Find the purpose to the room or rooms that will be painted. The size, the shape, the contents and the function are key elements to choosing the paint colours.

Want to create a cozy and relaxing living room or dining room? Create the atmosphere by choosing a paint colour that will compliment the function of that room. There is a paint colour for every room that helps create that perfect home ambience.

For example you would not want a bright red paint colour in the bedroom but paint a kitchen wall or a focal wall in the family room and compliment it with a shade of gray and you’ve got the look that’s modern chic, trendy and adds that comfy cozy feel. Earth tone paint colours are also always neutral as well as balancing for either of these rooms.

If painting a bedroom, then you might consider a light blue, light gray or even a green paint colour. Accentuate it with painting the ceiling in a darker shade to add depth and character to the room.

Paint an accent wall in any room of your house, and then paint the remaining walls in one to two shades lighter than the dark colour of the focal wall.

Get creative. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your interior painting ideas. Unique, custom paint jobs are quite popular and can really make a room outstanding. Here are a couple of other creative ideas you may want to reflect on when considering your next interior house painting project:

Accent Walls: they can actually compliment your other three walls by covering a fourth wall with a bolder, contrasting shade.

Paint the 5th wall in the room: Yes the Ceiling is also considered  a wall. It doesn’t always have to be white. Paint a bold dark colour for the ceiling and go a couple of shades lighter on the walls and Voila!! instant drama, instant chic.

Other Surfaces: Why not paint your floors or wood paneling? It’s interesting to turn these overlooked areas into unique central focal points.

For all your interior house painting related questions simply contact us