5 Mistakes Not To Make When Choosing Paint Colour

purple face emoticon to signal the fear of choosing a paint colour for painters when painting house
afraid of picking a paint colour for your house painting project

You are not alone!  The thought of choosing a paint colour is sometimes frightful for some homeowners.

Perhaps it’s because they have had the same neutral colour for as long as they’ve lived in their homes and fear the experimenting of new and modern paint colour trends.

This fear sometimes causes people to stick to the same paint colours for years, yet with some guidance from a professional painting company and a paint colour consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable painter can take away the fear, the stress or anxiety of making this change and bringing your home to a more current, modern look without going to any extreme.  You can still be comfortable with the paint colours the painter helps you choose.

5 Mistakes Not To Make When Choosing Paint Colour

Here are the top five mistakes homeowners can sometimes make when choosing paint colours and how to avoid making them.

Tip 1  Test Before You Decide on the Paint Colour

Bring home the paint colour samples from your local paint store or home improvement centre.  If they have larger than the typical thumbnail size samples those are even better to bring home with you. This will give you the opportunity to test before you decide on the paint colour you will be living with for the next few years.

empty room with painters ladder
Empty room with painters ladder homeowner imagining painting different paint colours

Most interior designer’s, home stagers or real estate agents and sometimes even painters may suggest that you tape the small swatch of paint colour sample up to the wall your painting.  This won’t really help you to pick a paint colour but it’s better than just holding it up in the air and trying to envision it.

Whatever size the paint colour sample is we suggest you tape it up to the wall that is being painted. Be sure to leave it up for a few days so that you can see the difference the natural daylight, sunlight and the evening interior lights affect the paint colour shade.  Some will appear lighter while others darker depending on the direct or indirect lighting.

We also suggest that you take the paint colour sample and put it up against your furniture, throw it on the rug in the middle of the room, place it on your kitchen or bathroom countertop as well hold it up to any accessories such as picture frames, lamps etc.  This will give you a little more of an idea of how the colour will fit in to your already decorated and furnished room and help make that decision for any choosing paint colour for every room.

Of course there’s always the option of going shopping for a whole new home decor.  But spending all that money on new furniture, rugs, lamps, and accessories can be expensive.  Instead a simple and professional re-painting is more cost effective and you get to keep some of your treasured belongings.
Tip 2  Neutral Paint Colours are always a safe bet

Popular by choice are the always thought of neutral paint colours as a safe bet for painting a room or house.

Why not introduce a new neutral paint colour palette.  Did you know that neutral paints are no longer only in whites or beiges.

neutral paint guide for painting in blue gray pink brown green colours
Neutral Paint Colours from Gray to Brown Green to Blue so many to choose

Today’s new and modern neutral paint colour palettes come in Grays, Brown, Blue, Green and even purples.  Check the Benjamin Moore website (see link at end of article) to find your paint colour palette and inspiration for painting any room in your house.

You can start introducing a new darker and bolder colour simply by painting one wall.  Painting an accent wall or focal wall in a living room or family room will create a new vibrancy to a room.

It’s baby steps when painting the interior of your house .  Going from same old white and beiges and jumping in to darker paint colours isn’t always easy, but getting a professional estimate for painting  and an opinion can help get you there.

A painter can help guide you through it with a paint colour consultation and  in recommending what’s trending these days in Ottawa house painting.  Get inspired by looking at a photo gallery of the homes we’ve painted in a neighborhood near you.

Bring out the best of a room in your house with a “new neutral paint colour”. Choose a new and trending neutral that coordinates well with your furniture. Take a room up even one more notch by painting the 5th wall (a.k.a.) the ceiling in a dark shade of gray, then painting the remaining walls in the same gray only one or two shades lighter and you can still add more depth to the room with a dark painted accent wall, we can help you coordinate all the shades of paint colours.

Painting the trim, baseboards, frames, cove, crown moulding in a white or light cream such as Chantilly Lace just makes that room look magazine perfect. You’ll be the envy of your Ottawa neighborhood.
Tip 3  Sticking with the same old, same old you’ve been used to

It’s easy to get comfortable and stay comfortable when sticking to the same old things we get used to after years and years of having them.

Just like a hair style or cut or that favorite pair of sweatpants or jeans and let’s not forget that favorite sweater, we are all creatures of habit.  Habits in our home decor make us feel comfortable and sometimes too comfortable that we don’t even notice we are still stuck in the 1980’s.  There

Although forest green and some pastel pinks are making a come back in house painting colour trends, these paint colours were very popular in the 80’s.

We recommend to ease yourself into the 2017 paint colour trends and beyond.  Changing your home decor can start by  painting just one room to get started.  Odds are you will more than likely want to continue with changing the entire decor in your house with a fresh new paint colour.

When you take a look around a room in your house, does it date back ten years or so?  Then it’s most definitely time for a change.

Adding a new paint colour is one of the most cost effective ways to update your home.  You will be surprised how much of a change it can make.  It’ll bring new life to your space and even help make the furniture and accessories look almost new again.
Tip 4   Don’t be afraid to paint more than one colour

two tone paint colours light gray and dark gray used by painters in Ottawa
Use two tones of paint colour to create a focal wall in any room of your house


The colours we choose say a lot about us and even tell stories of our outlook on life itself.  Our favourite colour reflects our personalities and character.  Which colour best describes your personality?

Want to achieve a relaxing ambience, try using a base paint colour like the dark gray paint on the bottom and top half of this room in the picture above.

Combining the darker gray on top and bottom with the lighter shade of gray in the middle adds a certain elegance to a room. You don’t have to be afraid of using more than one colour in a room.

shows a living room dining room painted with Kendall Charcoal focal wall, other walls painters used Revere Pewter all benjamin moore paints
Focal wall in dining room living room area painted in Kendall Charcoal and remaining walls painters used Revere Pewter
room with red painted focal wall, white ceiling paint and gray paint colour on three walls
Red painted focal wall with gray paint on other walls

To be inspired by other photos of rooms, houses and condos we have painted in the City of Ottawa area neighborhoods, visit our photo gallery which is always updated as we complete more home painting projects.

Using a main paint colour for either the ceiling or on one wall then sticking to the same colour family you’ll get a monochromatic scheme.  Harmony is created by combining the paint colours located beside each other on the colour wheel.  To create drama or the wow factor choose complimentary colours found across from the one paint colour you do decide to choose.
Tip 5  Know what the function of the room is 

Painting a wall or room in either a yellow, red or orange are believed to be paint colours that promote appetite and conversation.  Using them for painting a kitchen or main floor living space would be appropriate.

You wouldn’t want to paint the kid’s room in a bright or fire engine red as this promotes energy and would best be suited for their playroom where they’ll fire up enough energy and then sleep like babies in a room that’s painted in a soft neutral such a gray, blue, or green tint.

The colours blue, green, soft gray, or violet are said to be relaxing, conversation building and comfortable.  These paint colours are ideal in family rooms or main living room spaces, dining rooms and bedrooms.  The soothing grays, blues and greens in today’s colour palettes are also the perfect choice for bedrooms as they give you a serene room to get a good night’s sleep. And did you know that yellow and apricot paint colours tones will flatter any skin tone when used in the painting of a bathroom.

When planning, know what the function of the room you will painting will be and choose the paint colour accordingly.  Like will you be playing, eating, sleeping, or just chilling in that space.  Read more about paint colour psychology and find out what your paint colour personality is in this article on the power of paint colour in house painting.


If your room or house is stuck in the 1980’s or 1990’s bring it “back to the future” with some modern house painting colours.  Paint is the most economical way of decorating and redecorating any space, and with painting new colours the possibilities are endless.

Let’s change up the decor in your house.  Let’s get started with painting a focal wall, then we can paint the entire room and bet your gonna love the fresh new and modern paint colour your gonna want the entire house painted.

If you found this information useful please share.  If you have questions related to paint colours or painting simply contact us.

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