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Interior House Painting​ in Ottawa

Before we make your house feel like your home with our professional interior house painting services, steps are followed to ensure proper surface preparation before paint application.  A few things we take into consideration are if the drywall is in need of repair or patching, if there are any rough surfaces to be sanded, holes or cracks to be filled, caulking as necessary. As your professional Interior House Painter in Ottawa, it is my duty to ensure a full service in all painting we commit to.

Interior of a Modern Living room with sofa and table
Living Room with Painting hanging on the wall

As your Interior House Painter in Ottawa our Services include:


  • Proper coverage of all furniture, light fixtures, hanging light fixtures and floors whether they are hardwood or carpet
  • ​We remove all the light switch and electrical outlets plates and then return them upon painting completion
  •  Patch any holes, nail pops, drywall damage. If necessary drywall repair or replacement as necessary and requested
  • Ensure all caulking is done around trim of windows, doors, trim and baseboards
  • We will repair, remove stipple ceiling. Repaint the smoothed out ceiling or paint over the stipple as client preferred​

Furniture Covered With plastic before painting

Pino Germano working on a Interior Renovation project


  • We paint a room at a time or more as each individual job requires, in order that we may ensure little to no disruption to you or your family schedule, routine and time.  At the end of each day we ensure all work areas  are left in a clean, uncluttered and safe condition until our return the following day.
  • each wall, ceiling, baseboard, trim or window frame gets the proper sanding and smooth finish before a primer and minimum 2 coats of quality paint is hand brushed or rolled on.
  • Straight cut lines between ceiling and walls, clean cut paint brush strokes, on trim, baseboards and corners, no messy paint drops or spills on your floors.
  • Our signature professional painting secret is precise paint brush strokes by hand and paint roller application, good old fashioned way. Spray painting should only be in cookie cutter developments not for your home.

Dinning Room With Modern Tables and Chairs


  • We will vacuum, sweep and or mop any of the dust left behind from preparing the wall and surfaces before painting
  • Remove and take away all paint cans, brushes, paint rollers, ladders and any other tools we used
  • Re-install the light and electrical switch plates, remove all plastic and or drop-sheets that were used for any of the protection of your furniture, floors, carpets, light fixtures etc.​

modern Living Room Decorated with Sofa and Wall Art


  • We ensure that your home looks just as it did before we started, the only difference / change will be the fresh coats of paint and the new home decor.
  • A  list of our painting and other home services as well as a helpful articles ranging from interior and exterior painting, to why  the paint is peeling or cracking, paint problems & fixes, neutral paints and colour selection, things to consider when you hire a professional painting contractor, and more can be found on our blog on home improvements advice and tips.

I hired PG Paint to paint the interior of our house during a complete renovation. Pino showed up when promised and completed the work in a timely and efficient manner. His work was high quality with great attention to detail, especially notable on the cove ceilings and door and window trim. Always neat and clean, pleasant and helpful, I would highly recommend PG Paint.

PG PAINT & DESIGN is your trusted and reliable professional Interior House Painter in Ottawa  with 30 years experience and knowledge in residential painting and drywall repair services.  We pride ourselves on being your local, independently owned painting contractor.  We specialize in your home, by ensuring you receive the best quality interior house painting services at affordable prices.  We strive to provide our clients with complete satisfaction.  Our mission has always been to ensure quality craftsmanship, integrity, respect and best in service.

Pino and Pina are absolutely wonderful to work with. During a very stressful preparation for an international move, Pino painted the entire interior of our home and did a beautiful job. Pino’s attention to detail can be seen throughout our home. Both Pino and Pina are very responsive, helpful, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone in need of painting services. It has been a fantastic experience working with them.

We invite you read the Testimonials from our satisfied and happy clients, as well as the Reviews for Ottawa painters  on our Profile.  Look to us for ideas for painting and paint colours for your next house, condo, adult style living apartment or suite or your home office. We look forward to connecting your ideas, thoughts, questions from paper to reality for your next home update.

Voted as Best in Service for Painting Comany in Ottawa, Canada PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa House Painters.

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