How To Repair Ceiling

cracked and peeling paint on ceiling can be repaired by painters
Cracked or peeling paint on the ceiling can be fixed. We share the tips and supplies you will need to get it fixed before painting.

Supplies You Will Need For Ceiling Repairs

To get started you will need, a putty or drywall taping knife for small repair and possibly a trowel for bigger repairs. You’ll need drywall compound mix to apply to the repair, sanding block and or sandpaper and fiberglass tape for bigger repairs. Paint primer and paint for repainting the ceiling. See the tips below.

Tips on How To Repair Small Cracks in Ceiling

Patching small cracks in ceiling are easy enough to fix with quick drying compound that’s used for drywall repairs as well. Follow these steps to apply it.

  1. Using a taping knife, smooth it over the small crack in the ceiling.
  2. Let it dry
  3. Sand it lightly with a sanding block or 80 to 100 grit sandpaper
  4. Add a thin, final coat of the drywall compound
  5. Sand lightly again
  6. Apply paint primer
  7. Paint the ceiling

Tips on How To Repair Large Cracks in Ceiling

Repairing a larger crack in the ceiling is a little more work than the smaller ones. Follow these steps to repair it.

  1. You may have to use a scraper knife or putty knife to peel back some of it. This will help the drywall compound adhere better
  2. Apply a thin layer of the compound then put a piece of fiberglass tape over the  crack where you just applied the compound. The fiberglass tape helps prevent the crack from re-opening or spreading.
  3. With a little pressure on the trowel or putty knife you may be using (depending of the size of this large crack) apply another coat of compound over the fiberglass tape.
  4. Let it dry for a few hours or an entire day. The drying time will depend on how large the area is and the amount of compound needed.
  5. Sand it lightly with a sanding block or sander (80 to 100 grit sandpaper)
  6. Apply another thin layer of compound, let it dry and lightly sand again
  7. Apply primer paint
  8. Paint the ceiling

painters finished painting ceiling after repairs

The Finishing Touch for Ceiling Repairs

After you’ve completed the above outlined steps on repairing small or large cracks in the ceiling, you’ve allowed the necessary time to let it all dry, apply the paint primer and then paint the ceiling.
Painting the ceiling in it’s entirety will only be required if it’s the large patch you’ve repaired. It also depends on how old the paint on the ceiling is. If it’s been a few years it’s definitely a repaint of the whole ceiling.
For the smaller repair of the ceiling, the same painting advice applies. Where you can simply paint the small patched area of the ceiling if it’s been a recent painting job. If a few years have passed then if you don’t repaint the entire ceiling you’ll be able to see the difference in the paint colour.
Now that you know how to repair ceilings, please share these instructions for so that others will know how to as well. If you’ have any questions related to repairing ceilings or  painting  simply