DIY Painting Checklist

Planning on tackling some DIY painting, getting everything prepared can make everything go smoothly.  Let’s Get Started with Paint and Roll tips.

paint roller with blue paint painting wall by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters
Let’s Get Ready to Paint and Roll

To help guide you through getting started we share a few tips to help guide you to getting as close to a professional painting result as possible.

Tip 1

Start with deciding whether you are going to tackle the interior or the exterior , or maybe even both.  Follow these tips for interior house painting and these tips will help you maintain the exterior .

Tip 2

Determine whether you will paint only the walls, or will the ceilings, baseboards and trim be painted as well.  You will want to calculate the square footage of each room that will be painted so that you can estimate how much paint to buy .

Tip 3

You will also want to decide on what type of paint sheen or paint finish you will want to use for any of the painting.


paint colour samples for interior painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa
Choose the right paint finish or sheen when picking out the paint colours

Tip 4

Buying a good quality paint primer  will make all the difference and of course you will want to use the best paint finish for the kitchen and bathroom areas as they are more prone to high levels of humidity where paint can prove difficult if not properly applied.

Tip 5

Let’s not forget that at the end of it all you’ll want to know how to remove paint you may have gotten on your cloths or hands.  🙂

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If the DIY Painting does not appeal to you then definitely look into finding and contacting a painting company that can do it for you.

Contact a Professional Painting Company