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lamps in pink brown black blue gray colours

Super Excited to announce my new project ideas for this blog site. I hope you’ll check back often for updates. I am going to start including more ideas on home decor with focus on painting and decorating and how to get your house looking like a million bucks on a budget.

Painting & Decorating

Well I’ve always had a passion for decorating the house. I’ve always loved going through catalogues or online to choose paint colours. I’ve always loved buying furniture, accessories on a budget and everything else to beautify the home and making it look like a model home.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and my own opinions on paint colours and the power of paint colours in house painting, because I love the way some paint colours bring serenity to any room of the house. My favorites these days are Gray’s in different hues. From blue to brown to green paint hues, the Gray’s are so very popular in Ottawa area homes. I’ll be updating you on what is new and trending, my likes in furniture and accessories, and more. Sure we may not have the same tastes but they are ideas and easy on the budget.

From when we bought our first house and had it painted, changed the ceramic, added dark cherry coloured french doors, and dark hardwood flooring, to picking out the neutral paint colours for painting, and the colour of the couch and picture frames, i’ve always had that passion. I love to decorate the home.

Although I am not an interior designer or a home stager I do have a passion for home decor. Many of our house painting clients have asked for my suggestions on what colours to chose, so I send them suggestions. Some times they go with my ideas, other times they go a shade lighter than what I suggested or sometimes their just more comfortable having the same paint colour again, only a tone or two darker. It still gives them a refresh and a new coat of paint and just revives the room or house.

Find A Painter in Ottawa

If you are looking to hire and trying to find a painter in Ottawa, you may already know if you’ve been following this blog, My name is Pina Germano A.K.A. the painter’s wife 🙂  and I am also the proud co-owner with my husband Pino of PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painters. You can read more about us to find out more about our painting company.

I’ve been writing the posts on everything about painting for a few years now and I’m going to explore and branch out to more of the home decor and beauty of the room and interior of our houses. Our house painters blog still exists it’s just now more focused on our main website and this one will be combining painting and decorating. You can read the Blog articles there.

I’m super excited and proud to announce the release of our updated website for our painting company in Ottawa that was re launched back in April. It’s new and improved and we hope you like it and that you will visit and contact us  for any of our painters services.
Stay tuned, and please come back, I hope to put up another post real soon. Till Next Time