Fall Home Decor Ideas

Looking for Fall Home Decor Ideas. Decorating and Painting are a perfect combination to change things up around the house.

guest bedroom painted home beautiful

Painting in shades of pumpkin, rust and maple as in the picture above are a perfect combination for any room in the house. Repaint your guest bedroom in a soft brown and accessorize with some light colours in a maple shade and add in some rust or pumpkin orange for that punch of colour. The paint colour will last for years and then you can simply change the accessories for any season of the year with different colours.

kids room painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN

Beautiful Rust or burgundy paint colours in this kid’s bedroom or study.

living room painted in red colour by PG PAINT & DESIGN

Nothing says welcome back from that walk, school or work when you walk into this brightly orange painted mudroom.

Entrance and Foyer painted with Benjamin Moore paint by PG PAINT DESIGN

Another way to spice up your space with paint colour. The Benjamin Moore Paint in Onyx used on the stairway railing and steps makes for an attractive addition to the rust painted walls of this entrance and foyer area of this house.

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Find your favourite paint colours, visit pgpaintanddesign.com to schedule your next house painting in Ottawa. We look forward to hearing from you. If you need help with the colour choices we’re here to help. Ciao for now. Pina G.