Paint The Front Door

painting exterior windows in white paint and red door with brick on house in Ottawa Rockcliffe area by painters PG PAIINT & DESIGN
Painting the front door of your house is like making a statement, it’s the same as when you get dressed up for a gala you add a tie to a suit or jewelry to a dress or outfit. It puts the finishing touches and completes the look.
Adding a punch of colour to the exterior of your house is the perfect way to compliment the rest of the architectural look of your home as well as complimenting the surrounding landscape, thus giving it the best curb appeal.
Painting the front door of your house is the introduction to the rest of the story. It gives great curb appeal as well providing good home maintenance.
The front door and entrance to your home is the perfect place to add your signature for design and displaying your favourite paint colours.  Let’s find out what exterior paint colours you might like with a few suggestions of our own.

Paint Colours For Painting The Front Door

There is a wide variety of paint colours for the exterior to choose from in any paint manufacturers catalogue,  but if you have a favourite one that you have on the interior of your home then why not use it for painting the front door.
All manufacturers have any colour available for either interior painting or exterior painting.
Paint colours for the exterior of your house can be chosen to reflect the rest of your personality and love of colours that are displayed on the interior of your house.
Be the envy of your neighborhood with bright red paint colour, a bold black or dark blue, be modern contemporary with a dark or light gray.
painting red paint colour on front door entrance exterior(photo courtesty of benjamin moore website)

To achieve the look in the above picture the following paint colours were used  Raspberry Truffle 2080-10 in a low lustre Regal Select Exterior Paint, for painting the siding and trim on the house they used Simply White 2143-70
red paint on front door with white paint on walls of exterior house

Neutral paint colours  are often used as the primary colour when painting a house. Why not introduce your home with a powerful red, a bright yellow or orange that gives you a warm welcome feeling every time you walk up to your front door.

The modern and contempory look for both interior and exterior painting of houses in the Ottawa area are the gray’s and the blues and the greens. These paint colours go perfectly with any home’s exterior. They most often blend with the brick or siding of the home.

front door of house with black paint, painting walls in dark gray

To achieve the look when painting your house like in the above picture the following paint colours were used Mopboard Black CW-680 for painting the front door and the siding and trim are  Gunsmith Gray CW-65

When choosing the paint colours to the exterior of your house, why not think about what’s happening on the inside. Take a hint from a paint colour you like on the interior and use that on your front door.

You can take it up a notch with a darker shade giving impact to your entrance. Envision yourself opening the door and what the welcoming colour on the inside is.

As a we use and recommend the Benjamin Moore  Paint Products. Aura Grand Entrance paint is a durable, specially formulated paint that keeps it’s colour and gloss.

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