Well it’s a sunny and hot gorgeous September afternoon temp is 26 feels more like 32.  Who’ would have thought that Ottawa would see another heat wave from just a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were down to the zero marks and even minus temps by night fall.exterior painting rockcliffe area in ottawa,ontario,canada, by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa house paintersToday, we got a lot of things done, Our blog update for one 🙂 hopefully, we can engage friends and visitors.

However, the best part of my our day… was following our Italian tradition of making homemade sausages. Made quite a batch of those and homemade Italian salami, it’s my passtime passion when I’m not painting. Must remember to take a picture next time of course to share with everyone.

As we get close to signing off to the end of September, we just wanted to remind you that it’s still great weather and temperature out there if you have exterior house painting in the Ottawa Area to be done. The warm temperatures have contributed to keeping the wood dry and the paint application easier. If the weather keeps up we can still paint till the end of October and hopefully onto mid-November as in previous years.

Thanks for stopping by, this is only our 2nd blog Post for Painting in Ottawa. We appreciate your patience as we navigate our way into getting into the habit of blogging. Promise some pictures next time 🙂
Enjoy the gorgeous fall weekend Ottawa