Estimating How Much Paint You Will Need

calculator for estimating how much paint you will need when before painting
You’ve planned out the room or rooms to be painted, you’ve picked the paint colour and paint finish and now it’s time to buy the paint. How much paint will you need to paint minimum 2 coats of finish on the walls. How much paint will you need to paint the ceiling, trim, baseboards, window and door frames. We have a few tips on estimating how much paint you will need to complete that house painting project.

How To Estimate How Much Paint You Will Need to Buy

A one gallon can of paint covers approximately 350 to 400 square feet. This depending on the brand of paint you are using as each manufacturer has different compositions of how their paint is made. It also depends on whether you are painting on new drywall. In a newly built home or if you’ve made some home improvements or renovations and there is new drywall being painted then the calculation will vary. This because new drywall will soak up more paint. Approximate additional paint you may need is 1-2 gallons, depending on the paint primer used.
Should you buy 1 can of paint or 2 for a regular (average) sized room.

How To Calculate How Much Paint You Need To Buy

Let’s just take an average Ottawa area home and a regular sized bedroom to use as an example.
If the room measures 12′ x 14′ and has an 8′ ceiling. Multiply the width X the height of each wall and then add them all together. That all adds up to 416 square feet.
Using a high quality (premium) paint product when you are painting over a similar colour will provide good coverage with 2 coats of paint finish.
If you are painting over damaged surfaces with drywall repairs and patching or if you are repainting over a darker paint colour with a lighter one then you may need minimum of 2 coats and more likely 3 coats to finish.
frog caricature carrying calculator to estimate how much paint to buy for house painting project
These are only rough guesstimates keeping in mind as mentioned above that each paint brand manufacturers differently and the new or old drywall tip and light paint colour over dark colour paint,  as well will affect the overall amount of paint you will need and use.
If you’ve hired a  then they will take the burden away from your guessing and buy the right amount for the individual painting project. They have the knowledge and years of experience to calculate the amount of paint needed for each individual house painting project.
The best way to estimate how much paint you will need if you are wanting to tackle the house painting on your own then here are just a few of the major brands who provide calculators to help you estimate. Keep in mind they are just rough guesses, and that it will or will not provide you an estimate on whether it’s one or two coats of paint you will need. Every paint manufacturer is different so the amount will vary between paint brands. Clicking on the links below will take you to the individual paint manufacturers websites
Benjamin Moore Paints
PPG Paints
Farrow & Ball Paints
Pratt & Lambert Paints
Sico Paints & Stains
It can be frustrating if you have to make a second or third trip to a local Ottawa paint store to buy more paint because you underestimated the need for the room you were painting, but it can also go the other way where you have purchased way too much paint and now have left over paints you can not take back because they have been specially formulated for the colour you’ve chosen. Here’s what to do with the left over paints.

Tips For Your Next House Painting Project

A few considerations to keep in mind the next time you are starting a room or an entire house painting project are:
Consider what you are painting. By that we mean if you are painting a room that only needs the walls painted, it will require less paint than a room where the walls, the ceiling, doors, baseboards, trim, crown molding, frames will be painted. All unfinished (new drywall) or dark walls will need 2 to 3 coats of paint.

Painters Tips For Estimating How Much Paint You Will Need

Start with less paint then you think you need, it’s easier and cheaper to go back to the paint store and buy more as opposed to having left over cans of paint that are non-refundable. If painting a light paint colour over a dark paint colour it will take a minimum of 2 coats of finish paint over the primer and sometimes even 3 coats are necessary. If you use a primer that is tinted close to the final paint colour you will be using then it may save you from painting that 3rd coat.
Remember that these are only guidelines and suggestions, they are not guaranteed. If you want to take the pain out of painting a room or your house then hire a to relieve the burden and the stress of figuring it all out.
Please share these how to estimate how much paint you will need instructions and tips so that others may be informed. If you have questions to ask a painter related to painting simply