Drywall Repairs

Repairing Drywall

Repairs to drywall are an important first step to any interior painting.

a painter repairing drywall before painting
repairs to drywall should be done before painting

Before beginning to paint, we ensure all nail pops are filled, any bumps, cracks or imperfections on the drywall are sanded to a smooth finish.

We apply drywall compound or plaster, sand it down to a smooth finish.  It is part of our complete interior painting services in Ottawa.

We then paint a primer to ensure best coverage and adhesion of the final paint colour that will be painted on the walls or ceilings.  We take all the necessary steps to prepare drywall before painting.

Patching Repairs To Drywall

Drywall repairs can be necessary for many reasons, whether it is from damage done from a water leak or removal of stipple ceiling to get a flat look we can help with the patching and repairs to drywall necessary to bring the best end results to the painting of the interior of your home.

cracked peeling paint on ceiling
Water damage to ceiling creates cracked peeling paint. Patching and sanding is required to repair the drywall on the ceiling before painting

Sometimes things happen in our homes. Water leaks that damage the ceiling leaving behind water stains or paint bubbles.  Our drywall repair services can help restore the look back to your ceiling or walls.

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Do you have stipple ceilings also known as popcorn ceilings that you want removed.  We can remove the stipple and bring it to a smooth finish before re-painting.

close up view of freshly painted ceiling after stipple removed
This photo shows you the after removal of stipple ceiling.

If you are not looking to have the entire ceiling free of the stipple and just want a patch repaired, whether it is from a stain or previous repair, we can recommend the necessary course of action and provide you with the stipple ceiling repair to ensure that the patching, re-stipple of the ceiling are little to not noticeable after painting.

before and after view of repaired ceiling
This photo shows before and after of ceilings that had stipple removed, repainted and the difference between a ceiling that has not been painted for many years to what a difference a coat of paint makes.

Drywall Repair Services in Ottawa

Painting is our specialty but we also provide drywall and plaster patching repair.  If necessary we replace small portions of drywall sections to ensure the best end result before re-painting.  Read more about all the steps we take on drywall repairs.  ​

PG PAINT & DESIGN is a painting company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Along with our  interior house painting services and exterior house painting services we also provide general repairs and home services such as light carpentry repairs such as replacing rotted wood, patching and or repairing to baseboards and trim, caulking.

Because we specialize in personalizing your experience by ensuring you receive the best quality paint service, drywall and general repairs at affordable prices.  We strive to provide our clients with 100% complete satisfaction. Our mission has always been to ensure quality craftsmanship, integrity, respect and service.  We invite you read the Testimonials from our satisfied and happy clients.  Our 30 years experience in the paint and drywall repair services gives us the confidence and pride in being your local Ottawa painters providing you with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and treating your house like our home.

Drywall in Ottawa Homes

Drywall is used in the interior of homes during the construction process and is installed after the framing work to complete the house.

sheets of drywall for installation and repair
Drywall sheets for installation

It provides a barrier between the exterior walls, the insulation and gives a perfect smooth look to the interior walls where paint can then provide the completed look and finish.

Drywall replaced the old method of layering of thin wood panels horizontally and applying minimum 3 coats of plaster. It is also referred to as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, Sheetrock, Gyproc and plasterboard.   If you live in older neighborhoods in Ottawa such as Little Italy, Preston Street, Downtown, Centretown or the In The Glebe area these homes were built before the 1950’s with the old plastering method that was used in the construction of the house.  

interior walls of a house with wooden slats
Wood Slats and 3 layers of plaster was used in the construction of homes before the 1950’s. This was later replaced by drywall sheets which are less expensive, easier and faster to install and take less time to install.

After the 1950’s  drywall sheets started being used in all construction because it was easier, took less time and was a less expensive process.

Drywall Painting

Hire a painter in Ottawa with drywall repair experience. Painting contractors are available to help with all your paint and drywall requirements.  Contact Us today for your estimate.

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