Drywall Repairs

Drywall Repairs

  • Our services are not limited to painting. We also provide drywall / plaster patching repair, replace some drywall sheets or sections or remove it entirely to provide an effective repair and repaint.   Need stipple ceiling repairs  or removal, or popcorn ceiling as sometimes referred to, we can remove it, our method of removal gives minimal if any dust to be cleaned up, and we take it with us when we clean up.
  • We also patch the stipple if you prefer to keep it, or there is water damage, we will recommend necessary action. Sometimes simply patching, re-stippling followed by a fresh coat of paint to the entire ceiling will make everything look like new again.
  • We provide general minor carpentry repairs such as ​ fix or replace minor trim, baseboards, and if you want wallpaper removal before we paint we can do that too. Yes we are a professional painting company but Pino started in the drywall trade and learned from the very best here in Ottawa. PG PAINT & DESIGN can help with other home renovations or repairs.

drywall repair techniques and repairing tools by PG Paint and Design

Red Bricks of a house with wooden slats
Wood Slats and 3 layers of plaster was used in the construction of homes before the 1950’s. This was later replaced by drywall sheets which are less expensive, easier and faster to install and take less time to install.
a painter painting a wall
Drywall, Gyproc or Sheetrock is used in today’s construction of homes. It is installed by professionals that follow a process. Repairs to drywall can be made, then repainted. PG PAINT & DESIGN can help with minor drywall replacements/installation as well as repairs and repainting.

Quality Products Assures Quality Work

​Drywall is used to make interior walls and ceilings during the construction process. It is installed after the framing. It is also referred to as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, Sheetrock, Gyproc and plasterboard. Drywall replaced the old method of layering of thin wood panels horizontally and applying minimum 3 coats of plaster. If you live in the Little Italy, Preston Street, downtown, centretown or the Glebe area where some homes were built before the 1950’s it is the old plastering method that was used in the construction of the house. After the 1950’s was when it started being used in all construction because it was an easier, took less time and was a less expensive process.

cracked paint on a ceiling
In this photo it is evident there has been water damage to the stipple ceiling. This will require drywall repair and re-stipple or we can remove the stipple/popcorn ceiling to give you a flat finished ceiling. A couple of fresh coats of paint to bring everything back to a normal state.
close up view of freshly painted ceiling
This photo shows you the after removal of stipple ceiling. We then prepare the surface by ensuring any all patching is sanded and then entire ceiling gets a sanding to ensure a smooth surface before the paint is applied.
before and after view of repaired ceiling
This photo shows before and after of ceilings that had stipple removed, repainted and the difference between a ceiling that has not been painted for many years to what a difference a coat of paint makes.

​General Repairs and Home Services

PG PAINT & DESIGN is a painting company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Along with our  interior house painting services and exterior house painting services we provide drywall repairs, plaster repairs, replacement and removal. Light carpentry repairs such as replacing rotted wood, baseboards and patching/repairing of trim, and caulking.

When you are in need of installation that also includes complete crown molding, trim and baseboards installations, as your trusted and reliable professional painter, we provide quality home services for your condo, house, adult style living apartment or suite, home office space.  Our 30 years experience in the paint and drywall repair services, gives us the pride and confidence in being local and independently owned painting contractor. Because we specialize in personalizing your experience by ensuring you receive the best quality paint service, drywall and general repairs at affordable prices.  We strive to provide our clients with 100% complete satisfaction. Our mission has always been to ensure quality craftsmanship, integrity, respect and service.  We invite you read the Testimonials from our satisfied and happy clients.

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