Neutral Paint Colors and How they can they bring appeal and comfort into your home

Neutral paint colours are not as boring as they were back in the 70’s and 80’s when the typical neutral was a beige or pale pink.  Today’s paint manufacturing companies have come along way to creating colour palettes in grays, browns, blues, greens and others that are referred to as neutrals.

Neutral colours are described as transitional colours that don’t quite fit the usual colour wheel, meaning they do not have a definitive name like red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow.  These colours are usually the in-between shades of the dark and light colour.  For example gray has the deep darkest tone right down to the very lightest, so the ones that are in between are usually referred to as the neutrals.

Let’s discover how painting the interior of your home with neutral colours can bring a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to your home decor.warm and cool neutral paint colours for interior painting


Neutral Paint Colours

Neutral paint colours are inviting and fresh and help create the perfect backdrop to accentuate with bold darker colours.  Most neutrals colours used to be called beige, cream, ivory, while now there are many shades of white, browns, blues, greens, and every perfect shade of neutral gray.

A popular choice over the past few years for painting in a neutral is referred to as greige which is basically a mix of browns and grays undertones.  These greiges blend perfectly with any home decor and are very popular paint colours to use when selling a home.  They are the neutrals that are soothing, calming and pleasing to new home buyers looking for the perfect place to move into without having to spend extra money to update the look.

Neutral paint colours bring balance and subtle soothing energy to any home decor.  It is important when choosing a paint colour that you ensure it is the perfect one for your space.  Paint samples of colours you are considering on the walls to ensure they are the right hue and tone you are looking for as lighting affects how the end paint colour looks.

interior painting with neutral paint colours by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa house painters

Improve The Marketing and Resale Value of  Your Home With Neutral Paint Colours

Painting a house before selling it not only increases the property value, but it gives you the advantage of making your home the most appealing.  Make the best first impression to a prospective home buyer, who is looking to buy a home that they can easily and quickly move into without spending additional money to have it repainted.

Since neutral brings balance and creates that soothing energy to any home decor, why not paint it before listing it to create the perfect harmony for the new home buyer making it more enticing and appealing to the home buyers.  Real estate agents often refer homeowners to hire a professional painter.   To make the buying more enticing the property needs to be staged and the painting services of a professional are often recommended, to help sell it faster.

Neutral Does Not Have To Be Boring Anymore

Gone are the days of the only neutrals being off white or light beige or cream.  Today’s neutral paint colours come in almost every colour and shade imaginable making the choosing to decorate in a neutral colour scheme not so boring anymore.

The choices for neutral paints are endless.  From greens to blues, browns to purples and everything in between the choices are extensive just like the ones in the benjamin moore neutral paint colour family and surround yourself with colours that flatter your personality and harmonize your home with paint colours.

Painting Your Home Is An Investment

To make money you need to spend money as the old saying goes, therefore consider painting your home as the best investment decision you can make.  Investing on spending some money to hire the right painting company is a good decision if the prospect of DIY painting is not on your to-do list.   The benefit of getting a colour consultation and an estimate to how much it would cost, could save you time and money in the end.

PG PAINT & DESIGN is your local Ottawa painters, here to help you in making choices for neutral paint colours to paint the interior or exterior of your home.  Call on house painting professionals you can trust to bring harmony in paint colours in your home decor.

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This post was originally published on Mar 23, 2015 and edited on Apr 24, 2020