Lighting and Paint Colour

Have you brought home those little paint chips samples from your local Ottawa paint stores taped them to the wall and tried deciding which colour let alone which shade to choose for your next interior painting project.
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Have you wondered why after the painstaking time you’ve taken to choose your favorite colour and then once it’s applied to the walls it doesn’t look the same. Wonder no more. Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.

How to Pick your Paint Colour

  1. Bring the paint chip samples home.
  2. Try them on the wall or walls you want the paint colour to be applied to.
  3.  Stick them up on the wall. (If you already have a really good idea on which colour your aiming for it’s also a good idea to buy a little sample that you can paint onto the wall) Of course only if it fits the budget, little paint can samples are not all that inexpensive.
  4. Look at the paint colour in the morning, when the sunlight is beaming in. Of Course if you’re applying the paint to a wall that has southern exposure you’ll get the full effect of maximum natural lighting.
  5. Take another look at the paint colour in the middle of the day. By this time the sun has begun to turn to the side of your home.
  6. Take yet another peek at it in the late evening when all your indoor lights are on. Interior lighting will reflect the different hues in the paint colour and give you a better idea as to whether that is the exact shade you are really looking for.

Deciding on paint colour

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For all your interior and exterior house painting, there are many beautiful colours and products to choose from at any Benjamin Moore Location in the Ottawa Area. We are here to help if you need to pick a paint colour or finish.

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