2015 House Painting Colour Trend

dollop of Guilford green
Imagine every year someone or a few someone’s have to go through hundreds and hundreds of paint colours to choose only one as the Paint Colour of the Year. The one that will be the colour trendsetter. Well 2015 paint colour to be trending is HC-116 Guildford Green by Benjamin Moore Paints
bedroom in Guilford Green Historic Colour collection by Benjamin Moore
Painting the Interior of your house whether its one room, a few rooms or simply an accent wall in the Guilford Green will make your home in the colour trend category too 🙂
room in a house for the special use of young children painted in Guilford Green historic colour collection by Benjamin Moore
Guilford Green HC-116 from Benjamin Moore is so very calming, and soothing for a nursery as well. It’s a warm and neutral paint colour blended with the dark browns of the furniture. PG Paint & Design your local Ottawa House Painters can paint that nursery in a day pgpaintandesign.com

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