Painting Tips From Professional Painters in Ottawa

Is it time for a home improvement or home renovation project? If you are doing some painting these tips from a professional house painter will help guide you.

Paint Primer Makes A Difference

Cutting corners by not using a good quality paint primer never really saves you money.

In the end you may have to pay extra because there is a difference in quality with paint primers .  When you ensure that you use the best paint primer for either interior painting tips or exterior painting  will help ensure proper coverage and bonding for the final coats of paint.

Pre Painting Prep Work

Ensuring the proper steps are taken in the pre painting prep work are key to achieving perfect professional painting results.  Will alleviate the pain and stress of problems that can come from not taking the necessary before steps.

Ensuring all holes, cracks, nail pops and damage are repaired will help prepare drywall  before painting.  This would have to be one of the most important things you can do to prepare the surface before any paint application.

From patching with drywall compound, sanding to a smooth finish the walls, trim, baseboards will remove any imperfections and give you the best possible smooth finish to paint.

Caulking any gaps or cracks in areas such as ceiling, where wood trim or a.k.a. crown moulding meet ensures a proper seal to fill the gap and a smoother application of paint.  Caulking seals gaps or openings around the windows and door frames as well.

Use painters tape if you are painting your space as a DIY, but if you have decided to hire a professional painting company, most often they are experienced and will be able to cut a straight line without using tape.   Applying painter’s tape will help give you a guide to paint a straight line, and avoid paint colours overlapping from walls to trim or vice versa.

Use Quality Paint Brush and Paint Rollers

Choosing a quality paint brush and paint roller make all the difference.  In order to achieve good painting results you will want to invest in good painting tools

Hiring a reliable and experienced painter, who pays attention to all details when painting your space is one thing you should invest in.  It makes all the difference in the craftsmanship, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a professionally painted space.

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Getting A House Painting Estimate

hand of painter with pen writing an estimate for house painting
House Painter writing an estimate for painting

We get a call or an email asking for a house painting estimate.  The question asked is “if my house is so many sq. ft. can i just get a ball park quote?”

Our answer is usually, it’s best to have the painter give you an estimate in person.  This way the details of your project can be discussed.

It’s not always just a quick cut and dry guesstimate you really want from the painting company.  Shopping for a house painter is not like ordering a pizza, there are details that the homeowner should discuss with the painter so that everything is detailed before the estimate is made and the homeowner agrees to it.

It is in the best interest of both parties to meet personally so that there are no surprises after the work in your home has begun.

We will outline a few of these for you so that when your trying to find a painter in Ottawa to give you a painting estimate you will have these as your guideline.

How A Painter Gives A Painting Estimate

When a homeowner is looking to have either a room or the entire house painted, they call on a painting company.  In order to receive an absolutely accurate and honest painting estimate a convenient time and day is scheduled to go through the areas you are looking to have the work done in.

We break down the estimate process so that you know what to expect when hiring a professional to paint all rooms in your house, condo, apartment or space.

Step 1.  The homeowner may have the measurements (the square footage of each room) or the entire house.  If homeowner does not have the measurements readily available, then a professional painter will take the necessary measurements, sometimes most experienced painters will know the square footage just by looking.  Most likely they have been doing it for many years and have a good eye.

Step 2.  A painter will go through the house with the owner, to discuss the areas to be painted.  Sometimes homeowners just want the walls painted, while others may want full service painting done.

Step 3.  Details apart from the painting such as drywall repairs, ceiling repairs and repainting, trim and baseboards, windows and doors, frame etc.  All these are considered when estimating the cost of supplies and materials when providing a quote.

Interior Painting Estimates

Estimates for painting the interior of a house are usually based on using the regular line of paint product, applying a primer and 2 coats of paint finish.  It’s a given when you hire a painter that the walls are first on the list.  The following are a few additional factors that are calculated into the estimate.

  • Do the ceilings, trim, baseboards, window frames and doors and door frames need to be painted
  • Caulking to seal any gaps around door frames, windows, baseboards or decorative trim
  • Does the drywall need repairing or patching
  • Is it a stipple ceiling or flat ceiling
  • Is there repairs to drywall from wall paper to be removed
  • Does furniture need to be moved
  • Are closets included in the painting
  • Stairways, high ceilings, cathedral ceilings

These are a few of the factors both the homeowners and the painters will discuss on the walk through and initial meeting for interior painting.

The homeowner needs to decide on the right paint for the project and if they have a preference of what paint product they want to use.   A painter may suggest a product that they have been using if the homeowner does not have a preference.

Exterior Painting Estimates

Estimates for exterior painting services  are usually based on the condition of the exterior surface to be painted or stained.

Painters will take into account if there is pressure washing, sanding to be done, if there is any wood that needs to be replaced because of deterioration to the exterior surface before any new paint is applied.  Caulking any gaps around the exterior.  

It’s always a good idea to use the appropriate exterior paint primer and at minimum 2 coats of paint or stain.  Maintaining the exterior of your home with paint and TLC helps to keep it looking it’s best.

The type of paint finish or sheen is also a decision the homeowner needs to make.  Again the painter may make a recommendation as to which is best for the customers budget as well as the specific area that the paint will be applied.

How To Get A House Painting Estimate

Factoring all the above for either interior or exterior are all things that a painter takes into consideration when calculating the cost of painting your home.

From calculating the square footage, to any patching of drywall, trim, baseboards, wood, caulking, sanding, pressure washing etc. these all have to be calculated to provide you the homeowner with the most accurate, fair and honest quote.

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Getting a house painting estimate is as easy as contacting us .  We look forward to working on your Ottawa area home with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read these tips from a painter in Ottawa.  If you have found them helpful / useful please share to make others aware.  We thank you in advance.



Paint Primer vs All in One Paint

paint primer for interior or exterior painting

Paint Primer

A primer is an undercoat paint product that prepares the walls before painting the final colours.  It ensures the best possible adhesion of the final paint to any surface.  It’s function is to bind and allow the final coats of paint to dry evenly and help retain it’s sheen.  Without the paint primer results may turn out blotchy or uneven.

Painting with a paint primer first will seal the surface, cover any old paint, help prevent the old paint colour from bleeding through onto the fresh and newly painted surface.  Paint Primer is the foundation for getting the professional painting results your are after.  You can read more about the technical aspects on this wikipedia link on Paint Primer.

All in One Paints

While paint manufacturing companies call it a all in one paint, there is no actual primer in the paint mix.  It is thicker than the final paint product, but this simply allows the homeowner to believe they are skipping the actual step of priming.

The DIY painter is actually not skipping the priming of the walls step rather they are lead to believe they are by the way these products are advertised and marketed to the consumer.

They go by names such as self-priming paint, all in one paint, paint and primer in one, paint + primer, and probably a few more.  These names mislead the consumer to believing they can purchase this type of paint and avoid the priming of the drywall all together.

Paint Primer vs All in One Paints

Without getting into the technical aspects of the basic difference between paint primer and the all in one paints, it’s in the way they are made. The basic difference between the two paints is the resins versus the pigments.

Resins in a paint primer are such that they provide the best seal for porous surfaces such as new drywall, and helps bond the final paint coats to the walls or surface.  It is the primary function and purpose of the paint primer.

Pigments found in actual paint colours provide the final coat of paint product it’s actual colour as well as the durability to withstand the everyday elements of the interior or exterior of your house.

The difference in chemical formulation between the paint and the paint primer are the characteristics to a professional painting result for either interior painting or exterior painting.

Primer products provide the first layer of protection to wood surfaces which naturally contain knots.  Not properly sealing the knots with a primer product will result in the knots showing through eventually.  Painting over dark colours without a good primer first will also result in poor coverage as well as being able to see the paint colour underneath the new one you are painting.

Rust from nails and stains from water leaks will also show through your final paint coat if the proper prep and primer work is not done beforehand.  There are primers for different situations and you can find more information on each one of them on the Benjamin Moore Website for primers.  Knowledge is Power and knowing which to use for the interior painting and the exterior painting is important to get the professional painters results.

Interior Painting Primers

Exterior Painting Primers

Primer vs All in One Paint  Difference

 As professional interior and exterior painters with over 30 years of experience in the painting business, we beg to differ.

It’s all in the hype and the way the two paint products are marketed to the average consumer.  No matter what you are lead to believe by the advertising using a primer is always the best practice.

If you stop to think about it for a moment, whether you use the all in one or apply a primer before the final coat of paint you are still painting the walls over at least 3 times.

If you are purchasing the trendy well marketed paint and primer in one, which is advertised by most box stores and not by the independent quality paint product manufacturers consider this when calculating how much paint you will need to buy.

Adding the total cost of 2 gallons of the paint and primer in one, you are no further ahead then if you were to purchase 1 gallon of a good primer and 1 gallon of your final paint colour.  When deciding to buy paint for your next house painting project consider these buying tips.

Painting With a Primer Paint

We recommend painting with a primer paint over newly installed drywall, such as when you have made an addition or big home renovation or if you’ve built your custom dream house.

Painting with a primer paint will improve the entire final outcome of any painting project.  An experienced painting contractor can provide you with their knowledge and experience and the necessary guidance.

In Conclusion, we recommend you use a good primer first, which will ensure best coverage results, the proper adhesion to any porous surface for the final coats of paint and you’ll not have to worry about the previous colour seeping through or the honey looking drips from the knots in any wood such as in the trim, baseboards, doors, frames on the interior of your house, nor will you have to worry about the damage the elements will cause to any exterior wood around your home.

In the end is it really a self priming paint?  Does this then mean you can stand back and watch it paint itself over the walls in your house 🙂  You will still have to take out a paint brush and paint roller to apply it so … in the end you’ll still be doing all the hard work and painting, why not use the best products for the best possible results.

We hope you found this information helpful.  If you did please share with your family and friends.



Home Maintenance Checklist For Fall And Winter

home maintenance for fall and winter
Just like squirrels prepare for fall and winter our homes need things done to get them ready too

It’s that time of year again where like the squirrels prepare by finding and storing their food for winter and make their home cozier and warmer, we too have to think ahead.

As hard as it is to believe or want to believe, fall has quickly approached.  This year in Ottawa the summer kind of forgot about us, but September has been incredibly warm and sunny and according to the weather network October is going to be about the same. So WOO HOO !! for summer come back.

However, as much as we would love to hang on to the warm sunny weather, sadly we all have to start thinking about and getting ready for the fall clean up that needs to get done around the house to make our home safe and ready for our hibernation months.

Just like when spring rolls along we get our homes ready for enjoying the great outdoors and bringing out the stored patio furniture, pull out the barbecue, we turn on the outdoor water, get the lawnmower ready to go and all the other great things we do to enjoy our short Canadian summers.

turning off water from inside house for fall and winter maintenance to prevent freezing
turn off all outdoor faucets from inside the house to prevent freezing in the winter

Fall cleaning has to be started and we just have to go in reverse from the spring checklist.  Here are some tips on what you can do to check off all the boxes as done on your home maintenance checklist for the fall and winter.

Fall and Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Turn off all out door water faucets from the tap inside of your house.  This will protect the pipes in your home from freezing when temperatures start to drop.  Drain the water hoses and store them for next year.
  • Clean the gutters and water spouts, eavestroughs from all the debris.  This will ensure that once the ice melts again in the spring, there will be a clear way for the water to drain and won’t back up into the roof or siding.
fall leaves to be removed from exterior of house is good home maintenance
Clean up the fall leaves around the house
  • Cleaning up the leaves around the exterior parts of the house will alleviate the little critters like mice and chipmunks from finding ways to get in.  They seem to like finding areas covered in leaves to hide in, and there’s always a small pin hole they can get in through.
  • Seal any gaps around the exterior of your house where these little critters can get in through.  Usually caulking the gaps helps significantly.  To make sure you can spot the gaps, you can walk around the exterior of your house with a mirror held up under the areas where gaps may be.  Between the siding and the cement or brick usually are the spots where mice can get in from.  Even around the area where your kitchen fan or clothes dryer vents are.  These are areas where caulking them properly to make sure there are no pencil like gaps where mice can enter will make you sleep better at night knowing these little critters are not sharing your food. 🙂

Take a look at your trees and bushes, make sure they are in good health to survive our harsh Canadian winters.  Fall is the perfect time to prune them and care for them so that they survive the long cold winter months and flourish again in the spring.

  • Take a walk around your house and look for any signs of damage to the roof, siding or foundation.   If there are things you notice that may need repairing, then you still have time to do them yourself or call in a professional.
  • Take a look at the exterior paint around the house.  Do the windows need painting? This would help protect them against the harsh environmental stresses of winter.  Fall is a perfect time to get touch ups or paint the front door and garage to give it a fresh look through the winter and it takes one item off the spring cleaning checklist.
exterior painting of window for good home maintenance
Maintain the exterior windows of your house with the services of a professional house painter
  • Check with your local house painter to see if maintenance is needed to the exterior paint.  Painting the exterior of your home is good maintenance.   See the list of related articles on maintaining your home’s exterior paint at the end of this article.
  • Make sure your home is energy efficient.  Checking the weatherstripping around the frames of windows and doors is a good way to make sure you keep the cold out over the fall and winter months.  It’s easily replaceable if needed.
  • If you have a window installed air conditioner then make sure to remove it or make sure it’s properly covered and insulated, to keep the cold air out.  If you have a regular A/C unit outside of the house that works through the furnace then make sure you have it checked to make sure it’s ready to go again next winter.  Call a Furnace and Air Conditioning expert who will ensure both will be running properly when needed.  It’s a good idea to get a yearly maintenance on both the furnace and air conditioner units.
  • Check the dryer vents for any lint build up.  Make sure they are free of any lint and surrounding debris.  This will ensure your dryer works properly and most importantly reduces the risk of a fire in your home.
  • Check the fireplace and chimney before starting that first cozy fire.  Make sure the inside of the fireplace is clean from leftover build up of ashes.  Ensure that the chimney is cleaned and if you don’t already have one, install a cap on the chimney top to prevent squirrels, birds and raccoons from being able to get in.  Hiring a chimney cleaning company is a good idea because they have the experience as well as all the necessary equipment to get it done properly and safely.
  • For you and your family’s safety make sure you change the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Batteries need replacing once a year, a good idea is to mark in on your calendar either for the spring checklist or the fall.  Check to make sure the expiry date has not passed on any home fire extinguishers you may have in the house.
  • As well for you and your family’s health and safety, it’s important to make sure our homes have good air quality.  With today’s new technology in building materials for houses that make them air tight, there may be risks of having radon in the house.  You can find out more about radon in your home  from the City of Ottawa website.

Get Ready For Winter

  • Check the snow shovels, ice scrapers for both the car(s) and the driveway/walkway to your house.  It’s important to have them ready to go should a major freeze or snowfall happen.  Make sure they are in good condition, especially the car scraper, so that you always have it ready to go and make your drive safe.
  • Stock up on ice melt salt bags, it makes it easier to have one or two handy in the garage for the first freezing rain storm.
  • Make sure your snow blower is ready to go.  Get it serviced if it hasn’t been in awhile.
  • Buy or re-stock your home and car emergency preparedness kits. Check the CAA Ottawa Saftey Kit checklist .
Get ready in the fall for what is to come in the winter. Have a Winter Car Emergency Kit ready to go for any emergencies while driving in Ottawa














Last but not least,  the one other thing to get ready, would be to getting the snow tires out of storage and have those ready to go cause you just never know when our weather can change.  We all know that we can go to sleep one night with mild sunny weather and wake up to the brutal cold and drudging snow and ice the next morning.

Take the winter tires out of storage in the fall to get ready for the Ottawa winters

With all there is to do to get our homes ready for the hibernation of fall and winter, we hope this list has provided you with some ideas on what you need for your Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall and Winter.

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Take a walk in any of our beautiful parks and areas in Ottawa enjoy the autumn colours

Before winter comes don’t forget to enjoy some beautiful walks around Ottawa.  All the fall colours and the fresh air are precious to us before our hibernating months of brutal colds and deep freezes.  Get out to Dow’s Lake, Hog’s Back, Rockcliffe Park, and all the other beautiful things to do in Ottawa and enjoy.


Paint The Front Door

painting exterior windows in white paint and red door with brick on house in Ottawa Rockcliffe area by painters PG PAIINT & DESIGN
painting of exterior door in red paint and windows in white paint gave this Rockcliffe Ottawa area home a complete makeover

Painting the front door of your house is like making a statement, it’s the same as when you get dressed up for a gala you add a tie to a suit or jewelry to a dress or outfit.  It puts the finishing touches and completes the look.

Adding a punch of colour to the exterior of your house is the perfect way to compliment the rest of the architectural look of your home as well as complimenting the surrounding landscape, thus giving it the best curb appeal.

Painting the front door of your house is the introduction to the rest of the story.   It gives great curb appeal as well providing good home maintenance.

The front door and entrance to your home is the perfect place to add your signature for design and displaying your favourite paint colours. Let’s find out what exterior paint colours you might like with a few suggestions of our own.

Paint Colours For Painting The Front Door

There is a wide variety of paint colours for the exterior to choose from in any paint manufacturers catalogue,  but if you have a favourite one that you have on the interior of your home then why not use it for painting the front door.

All manufacturers have any colour available for either interior painting  or exterior painting.

Paint colours for the exterior of your house can be chosen to reflect the rest of your personality and love of colours that are displayed on the interior of your house.

Be the envy of your neighborhood with bright red paint colour, a bold black or dark blue, be modern contemporary with a dark or light gray.

painting red paint colour on front door entrance exterior
Red Paint on Front Door


To achieve the look in the above picture the following paint colours were used  Raspberry Truffle 2080-10 in a low lustre Regal Select Exterior Paint, for painting the siding and trim on the house they used Simply White 2143-70

red paint on front door with white paint on walls of exterior house
Red Paint on Front Door with white paint for trim and siding


Neutral paint colours  are often used as the primary colour when painting a house.  Why not introduce your home with a powerful red, a bright yellow or orange that gives you a warm welcome feeling every time you walk up to your front door.

Modern Look

The modern and contempory look for both interior and exterior painting of houses in the Ottawa area are the gray’s and the blues and the greens.  These paint colours go perfectly with any home’s exterior.  They most often blend with the brick or siding of the home.


front door of house with black paint, painting walls in dark gray
Painting front door of house in black paint colour


To achieve the look when painting your house like in the above picture the following paint colours were used Mopboard Black CW-680  for painting the front door and the siding and trim are  Gunsmith Gray CW-65

When choosing the paint colours to the exterior of your house, why not think about what’s happening on the inside.  Take a hint from a paint colour you like on the interior and use that on your front door.  You can take it up a notch with a darker shade giving impact to your entrance.  Envision yourself opening the door and what the welcoming colour on the inside is.

As a painting company in Ottawa  we use and recommend the Benjamin Moore  Paint Products.  Aura Grand Entrance paint is a durable, specially formulated paint that keeps it’s colour and gloss.