Painting Over Wall Paper

wall with wallpaper to be painted by painters after removing
Painting Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper is tricky. There are a few things that need to be considered before you attempt to paint over wallpaper.  If you are already thinking about covering it then you need to be informed with few tips and guidelines before you begin.

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper can be done in a few exceptions.  We recommend you follow these guidelines to see if you can paint over wallpaper in your house.

Questions you need to ask yourself before painting over wallpaper would be:

  1. Is the wallpaper peeling or bubbling anywhere on the walls?
  2. Is the wallpaper loose in any area?
  3. Does the wallpaper have holes or tears?
  4. Is the wallpaper recently installed or has it been there for years?
  5. Is the colour of the wallpaper dark?
  6. Is it a textured wall paper or smooth surface?

These are all questions you need to ask before you begin painting over wallpaper.  You may ask why do these questions matter, here is why.

If you have small bubbles, holes, tears or peeling that is evident on the wallpaper from perhaps not properly being installed to begin with, then you can try to apply some glue to the back of those bubbles, holes or peeled areas. You would then need to smooth them down with a light sanding.  This is not in any way a guarantee that you will get professional looking painting results in the end, but it’s worth a try if these are small spots.

All joint seams need to be properly sealed and smoothed out.  Using a seam sealer, apply a small amount to the wallpaper.  Press it into place and hold. Wipe away any excess sealer with a damp sponge and leave to dry.  You’ll find more information and tips on wallpaper repair at the end of this post under helpful hints.

If the holes, bubbles, tears or peeling is larger than what some glue patch up can fix then our best recommendation is to completely remove the wallpaper all together.

oil based primer for house painting
Oil Based Primer is recommended if Painting Over Wallpaper

Remember that there is always a risk when painting over wallpaper.  You will run the risk of moisture in the paint once you begin painting over the wallpaper will cause the paper to actually peel off.  You may want to paint a sealer first to prevent this from happening.   An oil based primer  see end of this article for link to our recommended Kilz primer product to ensure proper coverage before applying the paint colour.

We found some great information from the DIY Network if you want to learn more about how to fix common wallpaper problems.   You will find the link at the end of this post under title helpful tips.

Removing Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is time consuming, messy and very frustrating.  Not to say it can not be done by a homeowner, but knowing ahead of time how tough it is you may want to call in professional interior house painters.

Painting companies will have the necessary equipment and materials to remove the wallpaper.  They will have more of the experience as without a doubt they have done more than once.

Remember that if you do decide to do it yourself you will need to get the equipment and materials yourself by either purchasing or renting.  You’ll need at minimum a putty knife, the wallpaper glue, a sanding block, just to do the repairs and leave the wallpaper there.  If you have to remove it completely you will need to either purchase or rent from a local home improvement store a wallpaper removal steamer and or roller, along with other necessary products to ensure all the glue is removed before any paint is applied.  Not doing the necessary pre painting prep work after removing the wallpaper will leave you with an unfinished and unsatisfying, un-smooth finish in the end.

You will also need a lot of patience, time and elbow grease to get it done.  Removing wallpaper from the walls is tedious, messy and frustrating and you may cause damage to the walls when attempting to peel it off.  The drywall under the wallpaper will most likely get damaged from either scraping too hard, or from the actual glue having been attached to it for many many years. You will have to do drywall repair work before you begin painting.

Once you’ve established whether the imperfections of the wallpaper can be fixed or if you will be removing the wallpaper all together there are just a couple of other things to keep in mind before painting over wallpaper.

If we go back to questions 5 and 6 above, which are is the colour of the wallpaper dark, and is there a texture to the wallpaper than the following needs be considered.

If you are painting over a dark coloured wallpaper then you will need to use more paint.  It will take more than 2 coats of paint to finish to get complete coverage.  You may find this article on how to paint the interior of a House helpful as it provides a breakdown of everything you need to calculate the costs from buying the paint brush to the paint and everything in between.

If the wallpaper is of a lighter colour you may be lucky enough to paint a primer first then 2 coats of paint to finish.  This is not inclusive of any texture on the wallpaper for if you do have any texture you may want to remove the wallpaper without painting over it.  Any paint you apply over the texture will only amplify the pattern and texture of that wallpaper.  So in the end if you want an absolute smooth finish to the walls you should remove the wallpaper entirely.

If it’s too much as a DIY project, than look to hire the painting services of an interior house painter as they will have the knowledge and experience of removing the wallpaper, repairing drywall, and many other services beyond paint, along with their knowledge of paint products.

Helpful Tips

House Painting Tips for tips & information on wallpaper removal

How To Fix Common Wallpaper Problems.

Kilz Oil Based Primer for Painting Over Wallpaper




Does Painting The House Help To Sell It


Painting the Interior and or Exterior of your house will definitely give it an upgrade if you are planning on listing it for the Real Estate Market.  Paint colours can have an impact on how the prospective buyers visualize themselves living in your home once they’ve purchased it.

You want them to feel comfortable and at home right when they drive up the driveway and take the first steps inside.

Most first time buyers today are looking for the move in ready homes.  Most often these times it’s the newly constructed houses that they go for because they all have the latest and trendiest looks.  From the paint colours, to the granite countertops to the latest appliances.

Why not make your home just as appealing to a potential home buyer.  We’ll explain how sometimes just changing the paint colours will have a big impact on getting your house sold.

Painting The House For Sale

While everyone knows that it’s just paint and easy to redo, some may not have a clear vision to see beyond what is already on the walls.  If you are considering repainting your house before selling, here are a few tips to help guide you through the process and make your home the most attractive to any new home buyer.

Interior Painting Ideas To Help Sell Your House

To begin with, we all personalize our home over the years that we live in it.  We choose the paint colours we like, but if you are selling your house that doesn’t mean that the deep purple, or the navy blue that we preferred on one wall or in a room is necessarily someone else’s new favourite colour.  Considerations need to be made in order to make it more of a neutral space, that’s fresh and inviting.

Trending Paint Colours

dark green paint colour on walls of living room bright pink paint colour on walls of living room

Be mindful that while Forest Green and Dusty Rose were trending back in the 1980’s it doesn’t mean it will be appealing to the next homeowner.  Painting with the latest trending paint colours is not always the safest bet.  Although today’s trending paint colours  are very popular and any of them come in neutral shades.

Nursery & Kid’s Rooms

While everyone loves the pretty in pink look in a little girl’s room, or the blue jays blue for a boy’s room, these paint colours are not always appealing to those prospective home buyers.

Pink paint on walls in nursery baby room blue paint colour on walls of nursery baby room

New home buyers are looking for less gender oriented paint colours and falling more for just neutral greens, grays, blues.   Yes all these paint colours come in neutral tones.

Try instead to neutralize all the rooms in your house by going into a fresh clean simple neutral such as some of the paint colours we have found to be popular especially the white paint colours such as Decorator’s White or Simply White from Benjamin Moore Paints.  Whites come with undertones of blues, browns and greens which give a hint of colour making white popular and not so boring any more.

Neutralizing the paint colour throughout every room in the house gives it a feel of new. It visually gives the new home buyer the opportunity to feel they can start fresh in this house.

Warm neutral paint colours give the feeling of comfort and cozy, they invite the prospective buyer in and gives them an immediate sense of feeling like they are already home.  Invite them in with a fresh new interior painting and see how your next open house goes.

Exterior Painting Ideas To Help Sell Your House

shows painting exterior windows in white paint and red door with brick on house in Ottawa Rockcliffe area by painters PG PAIINT & DESIGN
painting of exterior door in red paint and windows in white paint gave this Rockcliffe Ottawa area home a complete makeover

Having the perfect curb appeal for a potential home buyer begins when they drive up the drive way of the house you have for sale.  Curb appeal begins with a well maintained driveway/walkway, landscaping and good exterior painting maintenance .

Exterior painting guidelines should be the same as the interior.  Follow a simple colour palette.  Aim for colours that blend well with either your brick or aluminum siding.  If you want to add a punch of colour you can paint the door a bright red, a deep teal, dark blue or black.  Again keep the rest of the style of the house in mind and of course nothing to drastic, you want them to come in not drive off.    🙂

We hope you’ve found these tips on Does Painting My House Help Sell It helpful.  Good Luck with the sale and Best Wishes on your next home.


What Should I Do To Prepare For Painters

interior house painting by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
interior painting of your house
(photo courtesy of House Beautiful Magazine)

The painters will be starting to paint your house and you wonder what you need to do before they come.  Often times we get asked that exact question What Do I Need to Do Before the Painters arrive?  We have tips and advice to help you get your house ready for painting.

Tips on How To Prepare Before The Painters Start Painting Your House

Most painting companies will do most of the prep work such as ensuring all furniture and flooring is well protected with drop cloths, making sure any light fixtures such as chandeliers, ceiling fans etc are well wrapped in plastic and protected,  they will remove any electric outlet covers from the walls,  there are a few things a homeowner can do to help make things a little easier.

These tips will help the painters work more freely and efficiently.

Tip 1.  Start With The Walls

to help prepare before painters start painting the walls should be cleared of pictures, art and acessories
Walls should be cleared of your priceless photos, artwork and accessories

It’s helpful to ensure your priceless photos, frames, any artwork are removed from the walls As well homeowners should remove any curtains or drapes and blinds .  Without a doubt the professional house painting services  you have hired will do their best not to get any paint on them, it is best to have these things removed and stored by the homeowner.

You need not worry about any of the holes left behind from any of the nails as they are part of the pre painting & drywall repairs work that is done by the painting company you’ve hired.

Tip 2.   Furniture

It’s helpful if your furniture is placed in the middle of the room.  This ensures any valuable or breakable items that are sometimes stored in cabinets or hutches such as dining room dinnerware or crystal glasses for example, please don’t leave that responsibility to the painting company.  It’s in your best interest to protect those valuables by moving them yourself.

You do not have to worry about covering them if you don’t have the necessary drop cloths or plastic as most painters have these with them and will easily and gladly ensure everything that is in the middle of the room is covered and protected.

Tip 3.  Cleaning

clean before painting
Removing dust ensures no particles get attached to fresh paint

It’s helpful to have the homeowner give the rooms to be painted a quick vacuum or sweep up before the painters get started.  This will ensure all dust and any particles left behind from moving the furniture away from the walls will be collected.  It helps prevent any of the dust / particles from being painted on to the walls, especially with all the movement that goes on while painters are working.

These are general tips for you to take in preparing your house before the painters arrive.   The painting business you’ve hired will appreciate all your efforts and you the homeowner will have full control over protecting your priceless items.

If you have any questions regarding how to prepare your house before the painters arrive, feel free to contact us.



Patching a Ceiling

Sometimes things happen around the house that cause damage to a ceiling. Patching a ceiling for repair from either a water leak stain or a crack or just an aged ceiling, we give you tips on how to repair it.

Stipple ceilings or otherwise known as popcorn ceilings are very common in most homes especially for those built before the 1980’s.   Although even today most home builder’s use the textured spray paint ceilings because they are easier and faster to do over painting them.

If there is any positive to say about the textured ceilings it would probably have to be that in most cases they do provide somewhat of a sound proofing barrier.

Here’s a perfect explanation video on why stippled ceilings are not well liked by home owners.  We totally agree with their point on it’s best to paint it.

Video courtesy of Slow Home Studio

How To Tips for Patching a Ceiling

There could be other reasons why a ceiling would need patching other than the simple fact that you want the stippled / popcorn texture gone.  Here’s what you need to know when “patching a ceiling”.

Tip 1. Find the Root of the problem

Finding out what the actual root of the problem to the damage on the ceiling is the first step to be addressed.  Find out what the actual cause is before patching / repairing the ceiling.

Some issues that may cause the ceiling damage would be for example, a water leak from an overflowing bathtub or broken toilet from the upper level of the home.  This will definitely leave a noticeable water stain mark.  If it’s a cracked ceiling that needs to be repaired you should investigate to ensure it is not a structural issue.

Tip 2.  Matching the Stipple Texture

If the ceiling already has the stipple or popcorn sprayed then you will need the proper materials and technique to apply the same amount of textured spray as to make it as little as possible noticeable that there was an repair done.   Although the fine, medium or coarse grade of stipple ceiling products can be purchased and homeowners can do their own repair, it can sometimes prove more difficult than anticipated.

That’s why sometimes it’s easiest to call in a home services professional that has the experience with repairing and respraying the texture to the ceiling.  Ceiling Repairs with the textured spray have a quirk of their own.  With the proper product, and machinery an expert can help take the pain out of repairing and repainting the ceilings.

Tip 3.  Getting the Right Amount of Sprayed Texture

It can be tricky for a homeowner to do this on their own.  Not only will you have to match the texture but how much of the product is applied after patching. You can do a trial and error run on a piece of old wood before spraying the ceiling giving enough time for the first coat to dry before applying the next.

Tip 4.  Hitting the Bull’s Eye Spot on the Ceiling

Targeting the exact spot of trying to spray the textured stipple to the ceiling is like playing darts.  You want to aim for the exact spot.  Failing to cover other areas that don’t need to be sprayed is important, as if not you will have textured spray where you didn’t want it to begin with.  Going over and beyond the actual damaged area with overflow of the stipple spray will only emphasis where the repair actually was to begin with.  You want to try and make it as inconspicuous as possible.  You don’t want the repaired area of the ceiling to stand out, so sometimes it’s just easier to call in a professional painter who has experience with stipple ceiling repairs and repainting.

Tip 5.  Sanding After Patching

Removing the old texture from the damaged area of the ceiling is the first step.  You will also need to sand the area done before applying the texture properly.  This will help the repair blend in better and be less noticeable.

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Popular House Painting Colours

houses in ottawa neighborhoods
Houses in Ottawa Neighborhood

Popular house painting colours that we’ve seen and used as house painters have been in the gray tones for over a year now.  Soft and neutral paint colours in gray’s, blues, greens have been very popular.

The subtle hues and soft tones in the paint colours bring a soothing and serene feel to any home decor.  With such wide variety of selections from dark to light colour tones it’s easy to pick one that will suit your home decor.

shows a living room dining room painted with Kendall Charcoal focal wall, other walls painters used Revere Pewter all benjamin moore paints
Focal wall in dining room living room area painted in Kendall Charcoal and remaining walls painters used Revere Pewter

These popular paint colours match well with the dark flooring that’s so popular in Ottawa area homes as well as most furniture and accessories.  The softness of some of the hues makes for a perfect back drop to showcasing your creative personality in how you decorate your house.

House Painting Colours that are Popular

We are going to share just a few of the popular paint colours we’ve been using that seem to be all time favourites by many homeowners.  If you are looking for inspiration on choosing paint colours hopefully these will give you ideas.

Popular Gray Paint Colours

Various shades of gray provide a modern yet cozy atmosphere to any room in the house.  From dark gray accent wall in the living room or bedroom for example mixed in with a lighter shade on remaining walls gives any room a bold accent, modern look and a cozy feeling of home.

Gray Paint colours used by house painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Gray Paint Colours from Benjamin Moore

Take for example Kendall Charchoal and Revere Pewter.  They’ve been very popular in house painting in the past two years.  Many clients have combined the two.  Highlighting one wall with the dark Kendall Charcoal and completing it with the Revere Pewter.  We think the paint colours combine well.

dining room painted in revere pewter with entrance in kendall charcoal paint by house painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Main entrance and dining room with Kendall Charcoal and Revere Pewter paint colours

Popular Blue Paint Colours

Shades of blue paint colours are versatile, soft, neutral and modern in home decor.  Again many choose to accent one wall in a room with a dark shade of blue paint and complete the rest of the room with one or two shades lighter from the accent wall.

Light blue paint like the colour of the sky brings in the freshness of nature, while a dark blue paint colour can bring in the drama of the night sky.

interior painting of hallway and stairs in ottawa by painters PG PAINT
Teal Blue Paint Colour in hallway and stairs

Some of the other blue paint colours used in painting homes in our Ottawa neighborhoods have been

blue paint colours used for interior painting by house painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Blue Paint Colours


Popular Green Paint Colours

Ahhh the beauty of nature.  Green paint colours on the walls or ceiling of any room in your house bring a comfort feeling just like being outdoors enjoying the beauty of the green grass and trees.

green paint colours used by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Green Paint Colours

Popular in painting of bedrooms and living rooms, especially some of the greens are popular for nurseries, we as painters have used several different shades of green paint in painting houses this past year.

Green is also very neutral and is an easy colour to coordinate with furniture, flooring etc.

Popular White Paint Colours

White paint colour isn’t boring any more.  With varieties of hues and tones to choice from.  Some whites give you a hint of blue or green while others can give you a hue of brown or yellow or gray.  These are some of the white paint colours we as painters have been painting in our clients homes.

White Paint Colours for house painting
White Paint Colours

Whether you choose to paint the entire house in one of these whites or just the trim, baseboards, doors, frames or any other woodwork, we think these whites are a perfect choice for those who prefer the crispness and simplicity of white over colours.

White reflects a lot of light therefore if you have a small room it can make it appear bigger.  The glow of natural daylight will definitely highlight any room, while the artificial lighting from lamps and ceiling lights will provide a cozy atmosphere on any evening whilst having friends for dinner or just cozy up on a living room chair with a book for some downtime.

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