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How To Prepare Walls Before Painting

Preparing the drywall before paint application ensures a better and longer lasting job well done.

shows a paint blister on wall after painting
Paint Blister on Wall after painting

Fixing the most common drywall flaws before painting such as nail pops, cracks, corners bubbled or blistered paint and holes are the most common of patching and repair situations.

Why Are Drywall Repairs & Patching Needed Before Painting

We have been asked before by homeowners getting an estimate to paint their home.  They wonder why we tell them we have to patch or repair the drywall first.

They tell us we’ve been keeping our home in mint condition why do I need to do repairs to the drywall before painting the walls.

We totally understand that homeowners take great pride in keeping their homes in great shape and condition.  But inevitably repairs and patching are always required in any home.

repainting of entire wall not just a touch up paint job due to drywall repair

Now you may be asking Why? We try to explain a few of the reasons below:

Sometimes flaws and imperfections in drywall are caused by bad taping and mudding work.  Whether it was done by a professional or it was an attempt to a DIY project, it’s best to fix these before painting the walls.

In time, whether it’s a few months after moving in to a newly built custom home, or if you’ve been living in a house, condo or apartment for a few years, shifting happens. Shifting occurs as the wood that was used to build the home adjusts to the different temperatures being external or internal.

The homes are built at any time of year. Therefore the wood used to build the interior of the home tends to absorb a lot of the exterior elements before the house is completely built.
Once built, the new drywall goes in and then the siding and roofing completes the home only then is the wood protected from the exterior weather.

Over time, the wood on the interior will tend to crack and shift, it’s a natural and normal thing to happen.

When you hear the crackling or see the cracks in the walls it’s because the wood that was used to frame the interior of the house expands and constricts as it adjusts to not being exposed to the outdoor elements any further.

When you think about it, the wood that was outside absorbing rain, snow, heat, humidity and sun for days, weeks and sometimes months is now on the inside.

What happens is it tends to dry up as it’s no longer exposed to the outdoor elements.  As it dries, it is also adjusting to the new indoor climate.


Tips for Drywall Repairs & Patching

There are a few other reasons as to why drywall repairs & patching are needed before painting such as:

  • Dents from furniture
  • Holes from Shelving and pictures or art work
  • Door Knobs that are pushed far enough into a wall to create holes
  • A new wall  goes up to divide and separate a room or if it is torn down to give an open concept to your living area
  • Installation of new windows or doors will need repairs to the drywall before painting

And pretty much just the everyday day to day living causes dents, scratches, holes and scuffs.

You probably get the picture by now that it’s normal to hear all the crackling sounds and to see the cracks in corners of the walls or the nail pops. It is normal as everything adjusts to the new climate and environment.

If you question whether the cracks are simply cosmetic or if they are a structural issue, this article from Bob Vila will help explain and clarify more.

You don’t need fancy or expensive tools to get started.  These interior house painting tips will help get you started and end with the professional results you are after.

It doesn’t matter if a pro installed the drywall, and did the professional taping and mudding, or if it’s already been painted by a professional, there are no perfect walls anywhere. So let’s go through a few more tips on how to prep for painting.

Tip 1
Find the flaws on the walls by taking a close up look. Sometimes holding a utility light (which is stronger and brighter than just a regular flashlight) will help you notice the imperfections in the drywall along the walls, corners and baseboards of any room.

They are more emphasized with the bright light shining allowing you to pick and spot them a lot faster.
Once you’ve found them, if it helps you can circle with a pencil or stick some painters tape so that you’ll know where they all are once you are ready to get started with repairing the drywall.

To prepare the walls for painting start with these tips on how to prepare drywall before painting.

Tip 2
Using paintable latex caulk apply a thin bead to any cracks in the corners of the walls, ceilings and baseboards.
Once you’ve squeezed the caulk over the crack, simply use a wet fingertip to smooth it out and ensure it goes all the way through the entire crack. Smoothing it out gives you a smooth finish obviously for once the paint is to be applied. There is no need to go to heavy on applying the caulk.
Caulking fills the gaps and cracks and prevents them from reappearing.

Tip 3
Patch any small holes with some drywall compound. Simply apply it to fill the small hole. Smooth it out with a putty knife.
It will have to be lightly sanded before painting, but that imperfection is done with now and we move on to the next.

If the hole is bigger say a medium size that would have been caused by a doorknob going through the wall for an example as to what size the medium hole could be.

For a medium and above sized hole in the wall, you’ll have to repair it with a little extra elbow grease.

A previous article on how to paint the interior of a house  provides you with a guide, steps and a list of tools you will need and further tips and advice.

After all the holes have been patched, nail pops have been filled, and drywall is repaired you’re ready to get started with the paint job.

First you’ll need to start with a good paint primer.

After choosing your paint colours, you can follow these 3 tips to buying paint and estimate the cost of the painting before you get started.

Now all of the above tips are useful and helpful for your DIY projects but if you want to alleviate the pain staking time and effort there’s always the right painting contractor who can provide you a quote or estimate for all the work that needs to be done as well it can make things easier.

Read more tips on painting  that will help

A professional painter will provide you with a detailed list that includes the costs of all the materials, any and all repairs, and the labour into one painting quote.

They can help you with making choices such as how to pick the right paint help you choose the finish or sheen , explain how the natural as well as artificial lighting in the room can affect the final result of the shade of paint colour.

Book an appointment for a house painting estimate today and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Painting An Accent Wall

Nothing says fresh and new like a fresh coat of paint and colour.

painting a focal wall or accent wall

Painting your space, home or condo with a new colour adds that pop and a whole new look, that’s inviting to come home to each day.

Paint A Contrast Colour To Create An Accent Wall

Add a pop of colour to any room in your home with an accent wall or a.k.a. focal wall.

Painting a room in one chosen colour and then adding a splash of colour like a bolder / darker shade than the other three walls adds an accent to any room.  It adds a bit of contrast as well as a focal spot to showcase things like that special art work or a big screen t.v.

If you are considering to paint an accent wall consider the darker shade of the paint colour you already have or will have.  For example as in the picture below, you’ll note there are two shades of gray used.

interior painting of accent wall

The accent or focal wall is painted with Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore Paints.   It is a deep, rich paint colour that adds that pop to the entrance of this home.

Kendall Charcoal HC-166 Paint Colour from Benjamin Moore Paints

We then painted the remaining walls in Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore Paints and painted the trim and baseboards in white.

Revere Pewter HC-172 Paint Colour from Benjamin Moore Paints

Either of these two shades of gray paint colours are very versatile and neutral in any home decor.

Add A Splash of Colour

Painting with a bold or darker shade of any paint colour will enhance any accessories and furniture in the room.  It can also enhance the way a room looks.  It can be made to look bigger, more warm and inviting and set the mood and atmosphere  to achieve the decor  you were aiming for.

Go ahead and add that splash of colour to a focal wall or entire room and add your personality.

It will be an investment for you to enjoy for years to come, and if you are selling than you can definitely increase the value to sell faster.


Book an appointment for a house painting estimate today and we’ll take care of the rest.

interior painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa 613-656-5865

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Find out what and how colour has the power to affect our mood and Energy Levels so why not surround yourself in the right paint colour choices.

If you are looking for a fresh new look for your home, condo, apartment or space, and want to hire a painter, simply call us at (613) 656-5865 or contact us by email.


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Thank you to all our Ottawa clients who take the time to provide us with their feedback and personal experience with our painting services.

painting of a room with gray paint on walls, white painted ceilings and baseboards by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Pino from PG Paint and Design was extremely professional, courteous and always on time. He provided many design choices and assisted with the paint colour selection for our room. He worked diligently and made sure that we were completely satisfied with the end result. We love our room and he turned our vision into a reality. We will definitely use his services in the future. – Sophia Goguen

I recommend PG P&D to anyone looking for quality professional service. Pino knows his trade and combining that with years of experience shows excellent results, which are hard to find these days. I highly recommend this business to anyone and I am happy to give 5 stars. Good luck on your future projects PG P&D.
Thank you Pino and team – Ewa (Barrhaven)

We have used PG Paint & Design before and were again wowed by the results that Pino and Pina provided. From the very beginning we received excellent responses to our email queries and superb paint advice. We had a large, complex job that included plaster as well as drywall repairs. Pino was as amiable, professional, and helpful as ever and made valuable suggestions on what was required and provided us with various options. Throughout, both he and Pina were in constant communication and kept us apprised of the progress. Pino was incredibly flexible and thoughtful throughout the project and the final repair and paint job is superb. We would like to thank Pino and Pina for assisting us so ably and for making our decisions so easy to make. With much thanks, Rebecca and Neal Porter Ottawa ON. – Rebecca B

Reviews for Ottawa Painters PG PAINT & DESIGN

Our awesome clients have also taken the time to provide us with Reviews on  Google  Trusted Pros and Houzz

Reviews for painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
shows reviews for painters in Ottawa

PG Paint and Design by owner Pino did an excellent job of painting rooms, and fixing our drywall and stiple ceilings in the kitchen and family room. Pino is attentive to detail and cares about delivering a high quality service. He did an excellent repair and paint job making those rooms look fresh and professionally done. He is courteous, trustworthy and offers good advice. Pina is very efficient and easy to work with in scheduling work. I highly recommend Pino. Thanks Pina, Pino and your crew. – Denis Meunier

Pino and his crew painted my entire home in just a few days, they worked around my schedule and the results are amazing. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. Pino and Pina are both extremely friendly, polite and professional, they worked with me to ensure the painting was done when it was most convenient for me. I would recommend Pino and Pina to any of my family and friends without reservation. We coundn’t be happier and we will be using PG Paint and Design for all our future paint and design projects. Thanks again, Mike Tarasco, Orleans, On. – Mike Tarasco

Thank you to Pino who did an amazing job at painting the entire first level of our home. He paid close attention to prep work by filling in all nail holes, cracks, trim repair and plastering other areas. He took great care in treating our home and belongings with respect. There was little disruption to our daily routine and clean up was always done at the end of the day. The job was done quickly and we are extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of work and end result. Thank you also to Pina for providing wonderful and professional customer service. A great experience at a fantastic price! – Lina Beaton

I would highly recommend PG Paint & Design. Pino and Pina put their customers first and the level of service that we received exceeded our expectations on every level. We bought a new home and wanted to have it painted before we moved in. Pino recognized the urgency and sacrificed his Canada Day Weekend in order to finish early so that we would have the convenience of being able to move in faster than expected. His attention to detail is impeccable and his knowledge about what types of paint to use and where was greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Pina and Pino! We will be calling PG Paint & Design for all of our painting needs and will be happily recommending your services to all of our friends and family. – Scott Wilton

PG PAINT & DESIGN Would Also Like to Thank All Our Valued Customers for Their Valuable Feedback

We appreciate each and every one of our over 2,100 followers on our PG PAINT & DESIGN Facebook Page where we share ideas and feedback from the local Ottawa community.

Great service and professional job with PG paint! I had the pleasant experience to meet Pino a few weeks ago when he provided me a quote to repainted my whole house. Very professional job and with a reasonable price! Thank you again and for taking such good care of my home while I was away! It was like coming back to a brand new home! Thank you Pino and Pina 🙂 I will definitely call back for my next home projects. – Monique Chamberlain

PG Paint and Design is an excellent choice if you decide to do any exterior or interior painting or dry wall fixing. Pino and Pina are absolutely wonderful to work with. Pino and his crew painted the interior of our home and they did absolutely beautiful job. Pino’s attention to detail can be seen throughout our home. Both Pino and Pina are very responsive, helpful, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone in need of painting services. It has been a fantastic experience working with them. Pino took the time to consult with us for color choices and he found solutions that addressed our needs and still came in as the most competitive price. He and his team were friendly, worked quickly and cleaned up when they were done – we couldn’t be happier with their final work and would recommend him to anyone looking for quality, honest work from someone who really knows their stuff. Thank you so much. – Liliana and Svet

I would like to thank Pino for offering excellent painting services. The services were completed to my satisfaction and in a professional manner. I am in LOVE with my new wall colours 🙂 Thank you so much for everything.- Kasey Waddell

Pino and staff at PG Paint & Design did an excellent job painting my living room (matching the colour with paint chips) hall, stairway and bedroom, doing a lot of plaster and wallboard repairs, removing wallpaper, and painting all the trim, windows, ceiling, bannister and walls. The job was done quickly, with a minimum of disruption and mess, and the end result is great quality. The price was quite reasonable. And it looks lovely! – Liz McKeen, Ottawa

We are so grateful that we found PG Paint & Design. They are truly the best. From the initial phone consultation with Pina who made us feel so comfortable to several meetings with Pino to go over our needs, they made us feel supported at all turns. The lengths that Pino went to in order to ensure that we had the right colour palate, and that nothing was overlooked exceeded all our expectations. This is a company that truly takes pride in their work and while highly professional, still manages to retain that all important and vital personal touch. Pino and Pina really care about their clients and will always remain our only choice and we highly recommend them. Thank you both for everything, our house looks amazing and it was a great pleasure working with you. – Mel & Bob

Professional Ottawa Painters Reviewed

Pino recently painted the entire interior of our new house, an older home with lots of challenging plaster work and dark trim. We got quotes from many different companies but chose Pino because he took the time to consult at length with us, found solutions that addressed our needs and still came in as the most competitive price-wise. He and his team were friendly, worked quickly and cleaned up when they were done – we couldn’t be happier with their final work and would recommend him to anyone looking for quality, honest work from someone who really knows their stuff. – Jordan Leichnitz

I would highly recommend PG paint and Design. Completely stress free, efficient, and first class painting service. All I had to do was chose the color, and within 2 days house done top to bottom with no mess and no fuss! Great work! – Barbara Judge

Pino came through when I needed an urgent plaster and paint job. He even fixed a few other things without skipping a beat. His work is always top notch and he is super friendly and easy to deal with. I highly recommend Pino. 5 stars! – France Campeau

I would recommend PG Painting to anyone. This was the 2nd time I’ve hired Pino. I was preparing my home for sale and it needed the basement painted and various touch-ups throughout. Pino did an excellent job, on time and within budget. He even made suggestions on how I could improve the appearance of my home for resale. My home conditionally sold within 48 hours of being listed. I feel that Pino’s work was one of the reasons this happened. I will be hiring Pino again when it comes time to paint my new condo. It is always a pleasure working with Pino. – Rick

Pino and Pina are absolutely wonderful to work with. During a very stressful preparation for an international move, Pino painted the entire interior of our home and did a beautiful job. Pino’s attention to detail can be seen throughout our home. Both Pino and Pina are very responsive, helpful, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone in need of painting services. It has been a fantastic experience working with them. – Heather Perez Saiz

We look forward to working with you on your next painting project.  Simply call us today at 613-656-5865 or Press Here to Contact Us

We couldn’t have been more happy with PG Paint & Design. Moving into a older home, Pino painted our place top to bottom and did an absolutely fantastic job. Plus – he finished ahead of schedule. Many thanks to Pino for guiding us through the job and executing it flawlessly – your many years of experience shine through in your great work. Pina, thank you for all of your email communication and advice. A great team for anyone considering having their home painted in Ottawa – highly recommended! – Lindley Graham

I just wanted to express my appreciation to Pino the owner of PG Paint and design. His worth ethics, experience and craftsmanship are rare for these days. Every paint brush stroke he makes is like that of an artist. He painted the interior of my home last year and the exterior just last week. I rely on him with 100% and confidently recommend him to my family, friends and even a couple of my neighbors have already used his painting company. Thanks for everything PINO. Your passion for the work you do shows by how much you care for every detail. – Maria Aurora

Pleasant and professional throughout the project. Pino’s experience, attention to detail and care for client satisfaction makes PG Paint & Design a company of choice. Thank You. – Najah B

My experience with PG Paint & Design was first class. Pino was professional, courteous and punctual, and his and his team’s work was impeccable. They absolutely went over and above my expectations. Communication with Pina via email was also always polite and quick. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend PG Paint & Design’s services. Thanks so much for making the experience stress-free for me and my family! – Catherine Beddall

I hired Pino of PG PAINT & DESIGN over 8 years ago. He has over the years done both interior painting and exterior painting at my house. Three years ago he helped me immensely when my situation changed and I had to sell my home and move into a condo. He painted my house in Nepean and fixed up so many little things that had not been done over the years, he’s really a great handyman as well as painter. He helped me at my new condo by painting it for me, fixing a few things here and there, even hung my chandelier. He’s a good man with a big heart who is extremely helpful, prompt, efficient and works exceptionally neat and clean. I’m in my late 70’s so all the little things mean alot. Before PG PAINT we had several Ottawa painting companies that painted for us, but there really is none as good as Pino. I have recommended him to many of our friends and family, who all have been satisfied and very happy with the workmanship. He really takes pride in what he does, and that’s house painting at it’s best. – J DeWitt

Like to Provide Your Own Feedback?

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We are really pleased with the job that P&G Paint and Design did on our house. We were under a tight timeframe to get our house painted before moving the furniture in and Pino got the job done even working through a long weekend. He was very helpful with providing advice on our paint choices and colours. We would not hesitate in recommending them to others. It was a pleasure dealing with both Pino and his wife Pina. – Catherine Wilson

I could not have asked for better service. Excellent work, very quick and very accommodating. Thank you. – Vanessa Bruni

Pino is an excellent painter and does a perfect job. Prices are reasonable and he’s always a great guy to deal with too! – Douglas Hopwood

Ciao Pino, thank you for the amazing painting done in my downtown condo. Both you and Pina are a great team. Pina is always a pleasure to speak with by phone and the quick email replies were easy to get things started. From start to finish you were both helpful in advice and of course you Pino are fantastic at what you do. You were in and out within a few days and if it weren’t for the fresh paint colour and smell I’d have not known. Very meticulous, clean and ever so friendly. I truly appreciate all the hard work in removing the stipple ceiling and making my condo look so much more modern. I would recommend Pino as a personal and personable painter. Everyone works in sync and always available. Many thanks and continued success. – Olivia Brent

Top quality work, clean and efficient. Will definitely call PG Paint & Design again for all my Ottawa painting needs. Will also make an effort to recommend them to family and friends! – Adriano Campagna

We were introduced to Pino of PG PAINT & DESIGN many years ago by a neighbour and pro in the renovation business. We invited Pino to do some repair and painting in our house, and we have never looked back. Mr. Germano Owner of PG PAINT & DESIGN is our trusted house painter, we always call upon him for any of our paint and related design or repair work since that first meeting. He has painted our Ottawa home, both interior and exterior, as well as painted our cottage. Our projects have varied from minor (e.g., deck re-staining, under $500) to major (e.g., whole home exterior, or main floor interior, involving several thousand dollars). Over more than 15 years we have relied on him to:

– fit us into his schedule with considerable flexibility;
– always works cheerfully, and incredibly efficiently and quickly… we’re always surprised how much he accomplishes in a short time frame;
– in spite of the speed, he produces impeccable results … he won’t take shortcuts that might compromise quality. Work is always “prepped” with needed repairs, so that the results are first class down to every detail. (We can think of occasions when we thought the work was fine, but he decided it needed redoing/improving!). He is a perfectionist and very meticulous professional.

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, Pino brings with him one or two mature, experienced colleagues, who are equally friendly and obviously love their work (and working together).

We’ve recommended PG Paint & Design to many friends and neighbours over the years, who have thanked us for the excellent and satisfying suggestion. We’ll continue to do this. We are thankful for always being able to trust Pino in our home with any painting or repair. We enjoy having him with us and we all feel like family when we get together 🙂
Grazie Pino e Ciao until next time – Cindy S

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Interior House Painters Ottawa

find a painter in Ottawa

When looking to hire interior house painters in Ottawa you want to know you have a painter with years of experience and knowledge in their craft.

A professional painter can help you transform your home’s décor with a fresh coat of paint and a new colour.

House Painters In Ottawa

When trying to find a painting company to work with you, choosing a painter you feel comfortable to have working in your home and knowing they are professional are key factors to look for.

There are ways to explore  when conducting your search online.

Here are just a few tips you can follow to help you know what to look for , help you find and choose.

Tips To Find A Painter In Ottawa

Going through the never ending list of painters in Ottawa through a search can be daunting.   Typing find a painter into the google search box is an easy task, sorting through the abundant results is another story.  These tips can be helpful.

Tip 1 :  Check the  Reviews  for the customer feedback.  The search will also provide you with the necessary information on the approximate location of the company, and you can find interior house painters in Ottawa on the maps.

Reviews for painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
shows reviews for painters in Ottawa

Most people like to hire local small businesses.  Whether it’s for home services, baked goods, or things like furniture repairs, it pays to keep it local.  It’s a way to keep our community vibrant with more family run and owned businesses.

Tip 2:  Visit their website and read the testimonials that clients have provided for the painting company.

interior house painting testimonial for PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa
Client Testimonial for PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa

Tip 3:  Check out their social pages.  Many business have a great following on the social pages where they share ideas, updates and information.  From painting tips to advice, their updates can provide you with ideas in home decor, DIY projects and keep you up to date on their current works.

PG PAINT & DESIGN Painters in Ottawa on Facebook
shows social facebook page for PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters

Tip 4:   Get at least 3 estimates  from painting companies. Ask the painter on the walkabout through your home if they provide advice and guidance to help on how to decide on paint colours, paint sheen or finish, and what other services they provide.

Sometimes, you may need to have stipple ceiling removed or repainted.  Are there repairs to the drywall that need to be done professionally before painting?  Do you need to move furniture or will they?   Find out how you can help the painters before they arrive.

estimate for house painting services from painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Get a painting estimate from a house painter

Tip 5:    Make sure the painter provides you all the necessary information you were looking for?  Do they go above and beyond explaining the details and scope of the work that will be done.

Deciding on What Painting Company to Hire

A meeting in your home to get an estimate to paint the interior of your home is the best opportunity to get to know the person who will be working in your home.

The conversation between the homeowner and the painter at the time of the estimate is the perfect opportunity.  Walking through your home together, going through the details of the job site are good starting points to help make the decision on who to hire.

Questions To Ask A Painter

A walk through your home, answers to your questions are good first steps and tips to prepare yourself when you are getting estimates for painting.

As a homeowner here are a few questions you should ask.

1. Will they use a paint primer first
2. What type or brand of paint will they be using.
3. How many coats of paint finish will they apply.
4. Is caulking and sanding included in the quote.
Will they do drywall repairs, fill in any holes or cracks in the drywall, will they ensure caulking is done around any windows, doors and baseboards

These are all good questions for homeowners to ask when they are considering to hire a painter. If you decide to do it on your own you may find these tips for painting the interior of your house helpful.

To make all things clear, it is equally important for the painter to ask the homeowner a few questions.

A painting contractor might ask homeowners the following questions to provide an accurate quote:

1. Is it just the walls to be painted
2. Does the ceiling need painting.
3. Are the baseboards, trim and doors to be painted
4. Did you want the stipple removed from the ceiling or simply repainted.

These are all important questions to have during the meeting and conversation.  They are things that are taken into account when a painter provides you with an estimate to paint the interior of your home.

Whether it’s painting a room in a day, or a job that extends a few days to a couple of weeks, big or small, whatever the job in your home entails, it’s important that before, during and after the meeting for the estimate the homeowner feels comfortable.

Checking out the reviews and testimonials will give you a quick glimpse into the prospective painter who will be working with you in your home.

We look forward to you contacting us for all your interior house painting in Ottawa


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Professional Painters Ottawa

When searching for professional painters in Ottawa you want to be able to find a painter who is experienced, knowledgeable and an expert.

painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN painting company
Experienced & Knowledgeable painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN painting company

Professional painters have skills beyond just painting.

Finding Painters in Ottawa

Most who have been in the painting business for over 25 years have the experience to do drywall repairs,  stipple ceiling removal or repair and repainting, and provide minor carpentry repairs or installations.   They are also knowledgeable in recommending paint colours for your home décor.

Painters can help homeowners transform an interior space from simple to inspiring.   With a fresh coat of paint and new colour.  Painting can help you create an ambience that makes a house feel like home.

They can provide you the necessary guidance, tips and recommendations for exterior painting that ensures the best  home maintenance guide.   Visit the articles they provide in their house painting blog for tips and advice and so much more.

From interior to exterior painting finding painters in Ottawa with all the home services  and experience are key to professional results.

We look forward to working with you.  Schedule an appointment by calling us at 613-656-5865 or contact us  by email.