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What You Need To Do When Moving Into A New House

row of black and white houses in nearby neighborhood Ottawa
Houses in Ottawa Neighborhood nearby

Super excited is the feeling we get when we’ve just purchased our first home, a new house or a new condo.  Among the excitement don’t forget to do the following things either before moving in or very soon thereafter.

We’ve compiled this quick to do list of what to do when moving into a new house.

List of Things To Do When Moving Into New House

You’re ready for the big move, boxes are packed, movers are planned but have you considered doing the following things first.

changing locks and keys on doors to house

Play on the side of caution and be safe. We recommend the first thing you do is change the locks on all your doors.  One can never be too sure how many keys are out there that have been copied.  From the family living there before you, to friends and family, the real estate agents and maybe the cleaning lady, and the gardener, anyone can have a copy of that key to your new place.

Change the Locks and Get New Keys

changing the key and door know to house before moving in

Replacing the locks on the doors to your new house are an easy DIY project or you can hire a local locksmith.  These days there are so many options to new door locks.  From keyless entry to using an app or sticking to the old school lock and key.  Whichever you choose it’s a safe bet and a good investment for your security and peace of mind.

Make Sure All the Mechanical Things Are Working Properly

Whether you heat your new place with gas furnace, cool it down in the summer with air conditioning, use gas as a source for cooking you should ensure all things are clear and up to code and working properly.

Perfect way to get these things checked is by calling in the experts.  Furnace Factory Direct in Ottawa  are specialists in gas, heating, furnace, air conditioning and more.

We think it’s a great idea to start with a duct cleaning as well. It purifies the air for your family when you move in. Getting these mechanical things safety checked before or while moving in will give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be stuck in the cold at -40 degrees in Ottawa over the winter as well as ensuring you will be able to flick on the switch when all of a sudden summer arrives with a vengeance with +40 degree humidex.  Pre planning these services ensures you won’t be paying for any emergency call when things go wrong smack in the middle of winter or summer.  Maintenance is key and your peace of mind.

Make Sure all the Electrical is up to Code and Working

maintaining electrical equipment before moving into new house

Ensuring all the electrical is up to code is always a good idea as well as a safe one.  Perhaps it was already covered in the home inspection before you purchased the new place.

If you have anything electrical that is not working properly we advise to call in a professional electrician who is licensed and experienced to do any work.  It’s safe and sure when handled by a licensed electrician.  Tri-Wave Electric Ltd in Ottawa is a licensed and expert electrician.

Painting Before Moving In to New House

house painting before moving into new house

If you can plan the painting of your house before you actually move in, it will be easier on both you the homeowner as well as any house painting company you may hire.

It’s easier for the homeowner if the house is still void of furniture and belongings.  It provides the painter the perfect empty canvas to work in.  They will be able to perform all their services without having to cover any furniture.

Repairing drywall, filling in holes, gaps, or cracks, will be easier to sand and finish without furniture in the home.  A fresh coat of new paint and colours is a great way to add a new look, and it’s a quick cleaning of all the walls, ceilings etc.




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How To Remove Paint Off Clothes

how to remove paint from clothes or skin
Wet Paint sign on yellow park bench

It happens either by accident like sitting on a park bench with a sign that reads “wet paint” but you didn’t notice it when you sat down.  Or if you are doing your own house painting it is almost inevitable that you won’t get any even small amounts of it on your clothes and or skin.

Have you gotten stuck wondering “How To Get Paint Off Clothes” we offer the following tips to help remove it from clothing as well as on hands or skin.

Removing Paint From Clothing or Skin

So you are doing some interior painting work around the house. Just opening up the can of paint can sometimes cause that drip or splash to get onto your clothes or skin.  Don’t despair it’s never to late to remove it and it’s easy too.

paint on hands and clothing
Paint on Clothing or Hands can happen accidentally or just for fun

First find out what type of paint it is by testing it.  Simply rub some rubbing alcohol on the paint stain with your finger tip or a rag or sponge.  If any paint comes off then that means it is a latex, acrylic, water based paint. Which is easy to remove with just some water and soap.  If it is an oil based paint then it won’t rub off with the rubbing alcohol test and you will have to turn to using a chemical.

Is It Oil Based Paint or Water Based Paint

To best know what procedure to use when trying to figure out “How To Remove Paint” you should know what kind of paint it is  whether it is an oil based paint or a water-based paint.

Latex, acrylic paints are water based and are quite easy to remove from either your clothing or your skin.

If you have painted with an oil-based paint product then the process is a little more lengthy.

Before resorting to chemicals such as turpentine or a paint thinner to try to remove paint from your skin, you can try using some vegetable oil right available in your home kitchen.  Pour some onto a rag and begin rubbing in on your skin until the paint is removed.  Most often times it will come off pretty easily.

If it does not come off with the application of vegetable oil then you have to turn to using a chemical remover.  This would be a paint thinner a.k.a. turpentine.   Watch this great video put together to show you exactly how you can.  Video credit to

Removing Water Based Paint from Clothes

Whether it’s  “wet paint” or it has dried up by the end of the day, removing it from your clothing or skin is pretty easy.  Here are a few ways you can remove latex, acrylic water based paints.

If the paint on your clothing is still wet and hasn’t had the time to dry and harden, simply scrape it off with either your finger nail or you can use the tip of a knife or end of a spoon.  Rinse it under water, warm or cold will make no difference.

You can also rub some dish soap on it and work up into a lather then rinse.  You may have to repeat a couple of times until all the paint has been removed.

Your chances of getting all the paint off your clothes improves the less time you give it to dry up completely.  Don’t wait a few days to remove it as this may tend to give you a permanent paint mark on your clothes.  I mean you could start a new fashion trend right. 🙂

Removing Oil Based Paint from Clothes

We would first tell you to try using simple chemical free way with things you already have around the house before turning to chemicals.

Take for example, vegetable oil.  We all have some lying around the kitchen it’s a staple right.  Well it also makes an eco-friendly oil based paint remover.

As soon as you’ve completed your painting project just take some paper towels or a sponge or rag and pour some vegetable oil on it.  Rub it on your skin or clothes until all the paint is gone.  It will most times work.  In the case that it does not, then you will have to purchase a paint thinner or turpentine, commonly used by professional painters to  take care of their paint brushes and paint rollers.

Step by Step video on How To Remove paint from clothes

Video courtesy of


Although these days most house painting products are more water-based than oil-based as paint manufacturers have become more environmentally conscientious as well it is better for the health of the painter using it, where they are no longer breathing in toxic fumes, that cause illnesses and asthma allergies.

If you  hire a professional house painting contractor  to be working in your home and you accidentally get paint on you simply ask the painters what kind of paint it is and they’ll be able to offer you the best tips on removing it.

Read more on  interior painting tips  and advice.  Have questions simply drop us an email.

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The Psychology Of Paint Colour

room with green and white paint colours

Why do hospitals paint the walls green or blue? The psychology of choosing those paint colours in hospitals is that it offers that outdoor freshness and feel of nature, making it a more comfortable stay.  These colours also provide a sense of hope.  Blue and Green are serene colours and it certainly helps to ease in a small way any kind of a hospital stay.


Paint Colour Psychology

In our previous article regarding Colour and your Personality  it tells us how and why we have a preference to one colour over another.  Our personalities shine through in the colour choices we make each day.  Whether it’s in the choice of what we will wear, or the colour of our cars, they influence our decisions, reflect our personality and outlook on life.  Let the personality descriptions behind the colours be somewhat of a guide to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.

red paint colour on wall of kitchen

Understanding Paint Colour Psychology

The understanding of the psychology of colour comes into play each day. As mentioned above, from choosing what colour we pick from our wardrobe for the day, or the colour of the new car we want to buy, and the colours we see when we go to restaurants.

Have you ever wondered why there is a lot of Red or Yellow colours in restaurants and drive thru’s. The psychology behind these is that because they are both bright and cheerful, they tend to trick our mind into making more of an impulse decision to buy.  They tend to have a power of persuasion, and give us determination into the purchase.

There’s a certain power  that comes from the choices we make in our home decor selections.  From the paint colours to the accessories, flooring and window treatments, we choose the ones that will best reflect our personality and how we want to feel each time we walk through the door and settle into any room of our house.  The colours we choose are a reflection of our mood and or feelings.  It’s a way of identifying our creativity and personality.

living room with big window and furniture painted in neutral gray paint and white gives modern look by Ottawa House Painters PG PAINT & DESIGN

Using the Paint Colour Psychology for your House Painting Project

When considering taking on a house painting project, whether it’s a DIY or you hire a professional painter take a few of the following tips into consideration when choosing paint colours for every room and remember to take note of how lighting affects  the end results.

How We Choose Paint Colours For How They Make us Feel

The Psychology behind some colours is that they give us a feeling of comfort, joy, serenity.  Some remind us of a memory, some bring us together with nature.  We’ve put together a few meanings to some of the colours and how they make us feel and perhaps why we tend to choose them.

Gray Colour brings balance.  It is a calming and relaxing colour perfect backdrop to bringing a family room or living room into balance.  Painting in a dark or light gray is modern yet has become a common neutral shade in house painting.  It’s also perfect in a dining room, bathroom or bedroom.

Blue  is Authoritative and Successful.   Painting a focal wall in a home office, family room or even a bedroom brings an accent to any room.  It’s bold and beautiful without a doubt.  The blues come in many different hues and/or shades.

Green is the colour of Hope, Fresh and Clean.   It’s found in the beauty of our great outdoors.  Bringing in the colour of nature into our homes will give us a feel of cozy with a touch of freshness.  When you combine Green and Blue you get an atmosphere filled with a relaxing environment.

Yellow is the colour of Patience and Tolerance, it is said that those who choose this colour have a positive outlook on life in general. 

Red is the colour of Romance.  It also says ambition, impulsive, persuasive and determined.

Red Did you also know it says you have Power, are Impulsive, Ambition and Determination. You can be very Persuasive too.

Looking for more tips and advice on things like how to paint the interior of house, or buying paint, how to dispose of left over paint, using the right paint brush and more read more in this article 

In the end choose the colour that makes you feel most comfortable. Of course we are always available for a painting and colour consultation.

You can find more information and tips in our articles for house painting tips to ensure you get the best looking result possible for your DIY painting project.  If you’re looking to hire a professional painter contractor in Ottawa, we’d love to help.  Simply visit us at to schedule a paint estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.




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Paint Colours And Personality

Paint colours and personality are a reflection of us.  We choose colours everyday, whether in the choices of what we wear, to the colour of the car we buy, our personality is a big influence on how we choose.

The colours we choose say a lot about us and even tell stories of our outlook on life itself.  From relationships, to family and friends, even our love lives are all influences on how we feel about colour.

What is your Colour Personality?

Which colour best describes your personality from the list below.

Yellow =  Optimistic and Energetic, Practical, Faithful and Sensible

yellow colour

Those who melt for the colour yellow are best described as optimists, who are idealistic and  practical.  They believe in Karma of being kind, thoughtful and generous to everyone.  Responsible, Helpful and Trusting are also traits of the mellow yellow personality.  They are neither negative nor pessimistic, but rather very caring and responsible individuals who would go out on a limb for a dear friend, family member or sometimes even a total stranger.

Purple = Charismatic, Sensitive, Gentle and Supportive

purple colour

The characteristics of the purple personality is of those who are creative dreamers, artistic, emotional and reserved.  While they do enjoy their solitude to be creative in their passions, they are always curious and imaginative.  The gentle traits of the purple personality makes them the most trusted and compassionate friends, companions and lovers.  Their creativity is abundant in drawing, painting, and or writing.

Orange = Kindhearted , Playful, Energetic, Generous, Open-minded.

orange colour

Those who love the colour orange enjoy an active lifestyle. They love to be the focus of attention and make great public speakers.  They are caring warm and very giving.  They make great friends because they are great listeners.

Blue = Sincere, Kind and Sympathetic, Idealistic, Romantic, Loyal and Empathetic

blue colour

People who choose the colour blue as their favourite go to colour are sensitive and calm.  Enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature and tranquil blue waters.  They continually do good onto others as they have big hearts, are hopeless romantics and have hope and faith in everyone and everything.

Red =  Ambitious, Confident, Determined and Passionate

red colour

The red colour personality trait is that of a passionate, dominant and ambitious individual.  Feeling confident in themselves and their goals, they are a no nonsense type and do not hesitate to voice their honest opinion.  Strong willed and determined, and commonly referred to as firecrackers.  They are very loyal to family and friends and although they may have many friends they are only very close to a select few.

Green =  Curious, Intellectual, Powerful and Introverted

green colour

Their endless curiousity of the world and people around them are the character traits of the green colour personality.  They are highly intellectual, yet sarcastic and only engage in relationships with those who truly understand and appreciate them for their true selves.  They have a great love for nature and all it’s beauty.

Paint Colours and Personality

As you can see our personality is very much reflected in the colours we choose.  We tend to give a lot of thought and time to picking our paint colours for our homes.  Understanding the power of our colour choices will give us ideas to how they affect our mood and energy levels.

Choosing the paint colours we want to live with in our homes is a reflection of our personalities.  When painting our house we most often tend to  pick paint colours that best describe us.

Whether it’s from our passion, our sensitive kind heartedness, our curiousity our love of nature, picking the right paint colour will have us feeling comfortable in our surrounding.  It will make our house feel like that cozy home we all love to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

If you are hiring a painter they can help you choose the best colour to match your personality with a consultation.  From guiding you to pick the right paint to tips on getting the best painting results, painters offer you the knowledge and experience of the industry.

So which colour best describes you or someone you know?


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Painting Tips From Professional Painters in Ottawa

Is it time for a home improvement or home renovation project? If you are doing some painting these tips from a professional house painter will help guide you.

Paint Primer Makes A Difference

Cutting corners by not using a good quality paint primer never really saves you money.

In the end you may have to pay extra because there is a difference in quality with paint primers .  When you ensure that you use the best paint primer for either interior painting tips or exterior painting  will help ensure proper coverage and bonding for the final coats of paint.

Pre Painting Prep Work

Ensuring the proper steps are taken in the pre painting prep work are key to achieving perfect professional painting results.  Will alleviate the pain and stress of problems that can come from not taking the necessary before steps.

Ensuring all holes, cracks, nail pops and damage are repaired will help prepare drywall  before painting.  This would have to be one of the most important things you can do to prepare the surface before any paint application.

From patching with drywall compound, sanding to a smooth finish the walls, trim, baseboards will remove any imperfections and give you the best possible smooth finish to paint.

Caulking any gaps or cracks in areas such as ceiling, where wood trim or a.k.a. crown moulding meet ensures a proper seal to fill the gap and a smoother application of paint.  Caulking seals gaps or openings around the windows and door frames as well.

Use painters tape if you are painting your space as a DIY, but if you have decided to hire a professional painting company, most often they are experienced and will be able to cut a straight line without using tape.   Applying painter’s tape will help give you a guide to paint a straight line, and avoid paint colours overlapping from walls to trim or vice versa.

Use Quality Paint Brush and Paint Rollers

Choosing a quality paint brush and paint roller make all the difference.  In order to achieve good painting results you will want to invest in good painting tools

Hiring a reliable and experienced painter, who pays attention to all details when painting your space is one thing you should invest in.  It makes all the difference in the craftsmanship, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a professionally painted space.

To help get you to that perfect end painting result, the links that follow provide more painting tips and advice from a painter that you may find helpful.

Preparing A Room For Painting

Tips on Buying Paint

Sheen or Finish

Water Based Paints or Solvent Based

How Lighting Affects the Paint Colour