Welcome To Your Home

How do you feel when you walk through your front door?  Does it welcome you with a calm soothing warm paint colour that leaves you with that feeling of  home sweet home 🙂

The colours you choose to paint the interior or to maintain the exterior of your house make all the difference to add that curb appeal and personalized touch to your home.

gray paint colours for interior painting

Home Is Our Happy Place

The day to day routines of leaving the house early to head to work, get the kids to school, run errands and finally return to our sanctuary, makes us all look forward to walking through our front doors at the end of each day.

From the moment you walk through the hallway entrance and foyer  it feels like the best place to be is home.  Painting the main entrance in a welcoming selection of warm undertones to cool tones of blue, brown or green, to neutral gray,  or any of the hundreds of tints and hues in soothing neutral paint colours  makes the best first impression whenever you step into your home.

Give the introduction to the rest of the story of your home by adding your personality and character in the paint colour you choose for painting every room in your house.

Paint The House

Personalize every room with one colour or paint just a focal accent wall with a bold dark tone to add character and make the room feel larger to define the living and dining room  especially for the open concept living spaces.

Painting our spaces gives us joy, comfort and takes away the everyday stresses.  If you are not planning on doing your own DIY Painting you can always look to hire a professional painting company near you .

Consult with a professional for an in home painting estimate and consultation with PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters to get the quality painting services  your home deserves.

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This post was originally published on Mar 16, 2015 and updated on Oct 16, 2019