Think It’s Expensive to Hire a Professional Painter?

That old adage saying of “you get what you pay for” rings true when hiring professionals to do work in your home.  Professional painters, just like all others in the service industry range in quality and experience.  While there are plenty of skilled and knowledgeable painting contractors and companies in the Ottawa area don’t let the money you save buy hiring an unqualified and unskilled painter cost you more later.white paint spill on the floor

Careful consideration and planning goes into homeowners deciding on whether they should do it themselves or hire a painting company.  Hiring a professional to do the painting is an investment you do not want to be losing money while trying to save money by going with the cheapest painting quote.  Everyone loves a good bargain, but cheaper painters could end up costing you double in the end.

Here are a few tips, on what to look for when hiring a painting company, and what the difference is when hiring an unskilled and inexperienced painter vs. the professional painters that are skilled and knowledgeable with years of experience behind them in painting interior or exterior surfaces.

Hiring An Amateur Painter

As a homeowner when you hire an Ottawa Painting Contractor to work in your home you should always expect nothing less that 100% quality and attention to detail.  After-all painting your house is an investment.  Sometimes homeowners may find that a lower bid for painting to be attractive.  Here are a few things you need to be aware of when hiring an unskilled painter at bargain prices.

Getting The Cheapest Painting Quote

Cheaper is not always better especially when you are paying someone to do painting in your home.  From cheaper paints, to not preparing the job site properly, the lack of experience can cost you more in the end.  Here are a few tips on what to look out for so that you don’t get ripped off.

Prep Work – Make sure the first and important prep work that some painters will skip to cut their costs is done.  Omitting the steps to preparing a room before painting are important to avoid the failure of the perfectly smooth painted finish you are paying for.  The bargain painters will omit this necessary prep work as it is time consuming and costly.  The lack of doing the pre-painting prep work will result in you being able to see bumps, cracks, nail pops and holes in the drywall, as well as streaks left behind from improper painting techniques and use of poor quality paint products.  Missing this essential first stage of the painting project will negatively impact the longevity of the finished quality of work.

Low Quality Paints – If you get a cheaper painting estimate, beware of the cheaper paint products an amateur painter will use.  In order that they may give you the bigger bargain they will have to use the cheapest of paints.  They will be cheaper not only in price but in quality as well.  The results will be poor coverage to the walls or ceilings it is applied to, and take note that a cheaper painting quote will only be for the walls and one coat of paint.  You will be charged extra if you want additional coats applied and if you want the baseboards, trim and ceilings painted these will all be additional charges.

The cheaper the cost of paint the cheaper the paint job will look.  While it may be saving you money at the beginning, you will find yourself having to paint again earlier than anticipated as a lower quality paint has a lower and shorter life span, it will require more coats to cover a surface and will not provide the best coverage.

Improper Tools – Bargain painters will use cheap brushes and rollers that will leave you with more problems than you were asking for.  Cheap paint brushes and rollers that can easily be purchased at a local dollar store tend to have bristles fall off.  The bristles then get into the paint and will leave a noticeable streak on the surface.  Poor quality paint rollers will leave behind fibers or lint behind on the walls creating extra bumps on the painted surface.

Unskilled Help – Be wary of painting companies who promise you a house can be painted in a day.  These promises usually come from companies who hire subcontractors to do the work.  They tend to hire inexperienced workers that they may not even know personally just to get a quick turnover rate.  The more painting projects they get at cheaper bargain deals, the more inexperienced and unskilled help they will hire just to get more money for their own pockets but not caring about their clients nor how the painting project really turned out at the end.

Guarantee or Warranty – These bargain deals painting contractors will not take the responsibility for the quality of their work.  There is no guarantee you will ever be able to contact them again should you have an issue with something.  Not having either a warranty or guarantee that a homeowner can rely on to turn to will result in you having to hire a new painting company all over again or doing it yourself.  This is where there was no cost savings in the end, since you have already paid the first bargain painter and now have to start all over with a new company that will charge you as though they were just starting the project.  In actual fact they are.  They would be starting right from the beginning all over again, so now you will have to pay again with extra of course plus have the inconvenience of having people working in your home again.

Hiring A Professional Painter

To get a great looking professional painting job that lasts a long time you need to find painters that take the time, have the skill and knowledge necessary to complete the work on time and within budget.  Time, labour and skills are a little bit more costly, but without a doubt worth it in the end.

Getting The Best Competitive Painting Quote

Hiring a professional painter is not as expensive as some may think.  When you take into consideration the time needed to prepare all areas properly, the use of best quality paints, providing all tools and materials necessary to get the job done right the first time is money saving in the end.  A qualified expert painter will always quote you a competitive price because they want the job, they have families to feed and bills to pay too.  At the same time they merit the little bit of extra because they have years and years of experience behind them.  They are committed to the work they do, take pride in the painting skills and offer the best in craftsmanship and quality.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when hiring the right painting contractor in Ottawa.  

Prep Work – Professional painters will ensure that the necessary and important first steps of preparing the surfaces before painting are always done.  They will ensure all patching repairs are done to erase any drywall imperfections like the nail pops, holes, cracks or bumps. They will take the extra time and put in the effort to properly prepare drywall for painting making sure the right paint primer and paint finishes are used.  A qualified painter will also take the necessary time to repair or replace damaged or rotted wood, remove any old paint that may be flaking or chipped by scraping or sanding wood surfaces.

High Quality Paints – Professional painters will always use the highest quality paint products for painting any interior or exterior.  Using the best quality of paints ensures the walls, ceilings, baseboards, trim, and doors on the inside of your house along with any exterior surfaces get complete coverage.  Professional painting always consists of painting minimum 2 coats of paint and a third or fourth as required due to the previous colour being too dark to cover with the newer lighter colour.  The costs of all the paint, and the labour to apply the two to three coats is calculated in the painting quote.

The difference of about 10-12.00 extra dollars between the lower end paint brands to get the higher end paints is well worth to get the best bang for your buck.  Using better quality paint products will result in the most coverage and a smoother finished result, along with a longer lifespan and durability of the paint.  This will save you money in the end by reducing how often you need to paint.

Proper Tools – Professional painters will be equipped with all the necessary tools to do the work efficiently.   They will have invested in using the right paint brushes and paint rollers that will provide a smooth look to the finished area.  There will normally not be any bristles that fall from the brushes and end up getting stuck in the paint which eventually get onto the walls.  The use good quality paint rollers that do not leave any lint fibres behind, avoiding any added bumpy texture to the surfaces.

Skilled Help – Most painting contractors are a small local business and often times operated by a one man show.  Hiring a local painting company can sometimes mean you are getting a personal painter who works solely on your project.  They do not sub contract to others.  Skilled painters may be hired at peak season for additional help, but you won’t normally see more than one or two extra people including the owner on the job site.  They do not come in as a 10 member team, in order to finish up the quickest way and to move on to the next project.  They will ensure that they make every effort to be present at one job only and bring it to completion before moving on to the next.

Guarantee or Warranty – A professional and skilled painter will offer their personal guarantee that if any touch ups are needed, or if any paint problems arise such as peeling, cracking or flaking paint, sticking paint, or paint bubbles occur they will return to fix them within a reasonable amount of time after the initial work was done.  They will guarantee they are available for any issues you may have and return to make sure homeowners are always 100% satisfied with the work.  It is easy to find reviews for Ottawa painters online, and it is always a good idea to read what past clients are saying about the work they received from the painting company they have worked with.

Ottawa Painters You Can Trust

While the reasons for hiring a qualified painter are clear, because if you are going to invest in getting your home professionally painted you want to know what to look for  so that you can make the best decision as to why you should hire a qualified painter over another or go for the groupon bargain deals.  A reputable painting company that cares about their clients will stand behind their work.

We at PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters  are committed to providing homeowners the best quality painting services, we are proud of our reputation in helping to keep Ottawa homes looking their best.  Hire a painter you can trust for a painting estimate.

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This post was originally published on Mar 2, 2015 and edited on Apr 20, 2020