Think It’s Expensive to Hire a Professional Painter?

white paint spill on the floor
As a homeowner when you hire a Ottawa Painting Contractor to work in your home, you should always expect nothing less that 100% quality and attention to detail.   After-all painting your house is an investment.

It is NOT professional to leave a homeowner with substandard work, paint spills, misses, drips, splattered paint on floors, windows and places they never really wanted paint on 🙂 to begin with.  It is frustrating to the homeowner to have to place several calls to have the person (s) return to attempt to fix up the messes that should never have occurred to begin with.

It’s been our experience when homeowners call us because they are frustrated and have given up on the other painter(s) after several repeat phone calls and return visits from the other painting contractor.

The homeowner will have given up entirely and figure they just have to live with it and are content knowing they are finally rid of that painter/company ever being in their homes again.

best painting company in Ottawa - PG PAINT & DESIGN
Consumers/Customers need to know that they really do get what they paid for.  For many of these overnight, pop-up painting businesses, low standards and sub-par paintwork sadly are common. This is not good for anyone.  Not the consumer, homeowner nor for the true painting professionals.

Best Referrals come from friends, family, neighbours and co-workers for a professional painter.  The best painting businesses to work with are those that others have worked with and come highly recommended.  If your family, friends, neighbours or co-workers can highly recommend a painting business because they were 100% satisfied with work done in their homes then some of your due diligence is already done.

PG PAINT & DESIGN – Professional Ottawa House Painter is committed to customer service, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality house painting services.