Paint, Mold, Leaks? Who are you gonna Call?

visible mildew spots indicate mould growth photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute from the Benjamin Moore website
Paint is sensitive to humidity and extreme temperatures – photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute from the Benjamin Moore Paints website.

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Before Painting over any moisture or high levels of humidity areas where Mold or Mildew has appeared in your home, the necessary precautions need to be taken. Of course mold is never a pretty issue to have in your home, or a house you may be considering to purchase. If it’s a small non hazardous type of mildew issue because of lack of air circulation in a bathroom for example, then a professional house painter can offer knowledgeable and experienced recommendations on how to Prevent/Fix the build up of Mold and Mildew before painting (see section below).

We can recommend things such as which products can be used such as primers or sealants and the best paint products. When the issues are greater than anything painting can fix, such as if you have major water leaks due to improperly installed toilets or faucets or if you are unsure of whether the mold is of the hazardous or non-hazardous type, then of course you would need to call in the experts who deal with the hazardous types of mold buildup, and the appropriate professionals to install all plumbing properly. Mildew and mold is not only ugly to look at but most importantly it can be hazardous to your health.

The Home Mold Experts such as Ottawa’s Mold Busters of course will be the best source for identifying the hazardous type and the steps necessary to rid of it properly. If you have water leaks anywhere in your bathrooms, kitchens or basements, then the necessary plumbing experts should be contacted such as Ottawa’s DS Plumbing. You’ll find great information shared by both further down in our article under “Who are you going to call?”

Quick DIY checklist to see if you have a moisture problem

unpainted room and sink in Ottawa Ontario Canada
In a laundry room area, basement, or bathroom because of the high levels of humidity and moisture, mold or mildew will grow unless proper precautions and repair is taken:

  • If there is poor to no circulation, damp, humid areas in the home, high condensation spots such as bathrooms and kitchens or areas of your home that get little day light or sunlight such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or basements.
  • If you smell a musty, mold, strange damp odour in the above noted areas or in the home in general, sometimes it’s as soon as you walk through the front door.
  • If you see black spots in damp areas like bathrooms or basements or you notice spots in your home around faucets, ceramic tiling, baseboards, ceiling corners, windows and frames. Sometimes humidity build up can look furry or slimy (cause mold and mildew can take on a life of it’s own)
  • You can do your own testing by applying a few drops of household bleach/javex to the area. If the dis-colouration disappears it could be mildew/moisture build up. It’s important to not that sometimes moisture and humidity may not only be black in colour but can also be of a green, white, brown, grey or orange, almost a rainbow, according to the experts noted below in the section “Who You going to Call” ? these are not the kind of rainbows you would want in your home.

Who are you going to call?

Now if you are considering renovations before painting your bathroom(s) here are some great tips from an article we found from the Do’s and Don’ts of renovating your bathroom from Ottawa Mold Experts providing you with the knowledge and expertise to make the best decision for your house and health. They also in this article provide great information regarding plumbing issues and repairs, such as the bathroom ceiling fans of which we’re fans of as well [pardon the pun 🙂 ] to help keep moisture at bay.

The good advice on plumbing repairs and maintenance come to you from the plumbing and repair experts advice from DS Plumbing’s blog If you have any doubts about the mold issue or are in need of plumbing repairs we suggest you visit their sites, of which contain a wealth of knowledge for your reading. Information is key to giving you peace of mind, the more information is researched before you take on a project as a DIY the better your chances are of getting professional advice to ensure your house/home is free of hazardous molds, professional plumbing advice and service, and professional house painting advice and craftsmanship.

Prevent/Fix the build up of Mold and Mildew (non hazardous type)

  1. The affected area needs to be primed with a quality primer, sometimes we use a paint priming product like Kilz as it is quality priming to fight the mold and mildew learn more about what the Kilz primer products can do on the Kilz Canada website issue before our paint application.
  2. Depending on the task, such as the humidity factor and build up let’s say in bathrooms because of the extreme heat from the hot showers, we also use the high quality mildew resistant paint from the Benjamin Moore Line such as the Aura Bath and Spa paint which is optimal for humid environments.
  3. Ensure that perhaps you leave a window slightly open in the bathroom or high humidity/moisture areas of your home so that air can circulate. In some areas you can install either a ceiling fan or one of those bathroom fans that suck the air/humidity/moisture to the outdoors.
  4. You can scrub the surface or area with one part bleach and three parts water. Apply to affected mold/mildew area or surface. After approximately 10 minutes you can rinse the area with clean water, may repeat.
  5. Let the area completely dry, then repeat step 4 until all the mildew and mold spots have dissipated and or disappeared

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