Is the Interior or Exterior Paint in your Home Cracking and Flaking?

flaking white paint on the ceiling

Flaking Paint leads to cracked patches or spots in your home painting project.

What causes Paint Problems Such as Cracking and Flaking?

Improper application of paint or aging can sometimes cause your walls or ceiling paint to crack or flake. They usually start off small and will worsen over time if not properly repaired. If left to continue to crack without repairing it, it will eventually and inevitably begin to flake off in small patches and sometimes big pieces.

Before having to deal with this unsightly problem, you should hire a professional painter with drywall repair experience and years of knowledge of being in the trades. If you are the DIYer type, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure you repair the problem properly. Following are a few reasons Why, followed by How to Repair/Fix the peeling paint problem

Causes of Paint Cracks or Flakey Spots or Patches

  1. Low Quality Paint Products is one of the culprits to the painting in your house/home cracking or flaking. When you don’t use high quality paint products such as we do in the Benjamin Moore Paints Lines, you tend to end up with inadequate paint adhesion to your walls, ceilings, doors, trim etc.
  2. Never apply oil based paints over a latex based paint
  3. Not enough paint was applied by the painter. Sometimes the very inexpensive and inexperienced house painters will apply a thin coat of poor quality paint product, which only results in the above-mentioned problems as well as potential others and of course your dissatisfaction with your house painting, repainting home improvement project.
  4. Paint ages just as everything else and as we do. If it’s been several years since a good quality and fresh coat(s) of paint have been applied you will start to see some of these issues possibly occurring. Because the environment inside and outside of our homes has a direct effect on the paint on the walls, ceilings, trim, doors etc., not only age will affect your painted house but the temperature changes, levels of humidity and moisture changes.
  5. Not allowing enough time for the paint to dry can also bring on these headaches. When there is a presence of extreme cracking or flaking then the painter(s) has not usually given enough time between paint coats for the paint to thoroughly dry before applying a second coat or third coat of paint. You may also find that if a non professional painter has not prepped the surface area properly, and perhaps used the incorrect under coating / primer before the finish paint coat.

details of drywall repairs by PG PAINT DESIGN

Fixes for Flakey or Cracked/Peeling Paint

  1. If you are not the DIY type then most definitely hire a professional house painter. This will not only help you achieve the perfect results, avoid the pain of painting, but it’s also not as expensive as most people think to hire a real professional painter.
  2. Remove the loosened or flaking paint with a scraper (interior painting) or wire brush (exterior painting)
  3. Sand the affected area to smooth everything out, patch with drywall compound if necessary, or If there are several layers of paint that you’ve had to scrape off or peel away, you may need to use a filler
  4. Prime any of the bald, bare spots
  5. Repaint
  6. Sometimes if the damage is really deep you may have to remove all of the paint by scraper or heat gun and sand until it is smooth and even, then prime, and repaint with a quality latex paint

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