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Thinking of what to buy for that special DIY painter in your family, why not think outside of the box and get them useful tools they can use for their next painting project.
Here are a few ideas to gift the Do-It-Yourself Painter in your life.thinking snowman figure

Ideas for Gifts for the DIY Painter

Instead of the usual box of chocolates, pair of socks or tie, why not get them things they can use for their painting hobby. If they enjoy painting a room at a time or the entire house then tools suggested below are useful for them.

Gift Idea #1

Buy them a tool that will help them with cutting in straight lines. Instead of using a standard professional painters brush, they will have the ease of painting straight lines in corners, paint cut lines between ceiling and wall or at the baseboards. They are useful for the man or woman who enjoys painting their own space and doesn’t want to use painters tape. Buy them that Ceiling and Trim Paint Edger/strong> and take the edge off the pressure of painting between the lines 🙂

paint edger for painting straight lines

Gift Idea #2

Buy them paint brushes like professional painters use, follow these tips on how to pick the right paint brush for the job. You can purchase individual paint brushes in different sizes or buy a complete set like the one in the photo below sold at local Home Depot or Benjamin Moore Paint Stores check out the stores near you in Ottawa on google maps.
professional painting supply kit

Gift Idea #3

To make pouring paint out of a can easier and less messy for the beginner painter buy them one of these easy put over the can paint pour spouts. They are convenient and leaves little room for paint spills and messes. They too are available at any local home supply centre or specialized paint store. It is reusable and snaps on easily to standard paint cans. The help prevent paint from dripping down the side and the rim stays clean.
pouring the paint into the professional painters bowl

Gift Idea #4

Plastic Wrap by the Roll. It’s convenient to cover furniture and prevents paint spills from damaging floors or carpet. For flooring or carpet make sure you lay down a canvas type drop cloth under the plastic wrap, it provides an additional strong barrier to ensure no damage to flooring.
Drop cloths (heavy duty) are also a good idea as gifts. Buy both and that way everything is covered. 🙂
plastic tarp painters use to cover furniture and floors
You can also use a small piece to wrap up the paint brush if you don’t get finished painting and have to return within a few hours or even the next day. It prevents the paint brush from drying up and alleviates your having to wash up the brush every time you have to stop because of an interruption.

Gift Idea #5

Painters Tape is also a great gift idea for the DIY Painter. It provides them with the added protection of keeping the paint from transferring from the walls to the baseboards or from the trim on the ceiling onto the walls. It also creates the perfect ruler for painting a straight line with a paint brush.
professional painters tape

Gift Idea #6

Another great idea than any painter can make good use of is caulking. Why not buy them a caulking gun and a whole box of caulking tubes. They can use them to make sure all gaps in the wood such as baseboards or crown moulding are properly filled. All painting tools have a job and a purpose. From ceiling repairs, to drywall repairs

Gift Idea #7

Drywall compound comes in a bag or in a pre mixed form in a bucket. These are key for making sure any paint surface is smoothed out of any imperfections. Preparing a room for painting is key to a successful smooth paint finish end result.
bucket of easi fil all purpose drywall compound used by professional painters

Gift Ideas for the DIY Painters

What can you buy the DIY house painter in your life? What kind of a gift can I buy a painter? are just a few of the questions you may be scratching your head over for the holiday season.

Any of the above listed painting tools are perfect gift ideas any time of year of course, but if you are looking for that useful gift they can put to use right away then any of the above mentions painters tools are handy and convenient to have around the house. This way they are ready to paint at a moment’s notice 🙂

If all else fails because they already have all the painters tools they can possibly have, then why not paint their brushes in a decorative and festive way. Turn them into a snowman, a reindeer or a Santa, this way they can even be hung on the Christmas tree and add to the home decor.
x-mas paintbrushes

Happy Painting folks, and on behalf of myself and PG Paint & Design – Ottawa House Painters we wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy and Prosperous New Year.