Adding a POP of Fresh Paint Colour perfect Spring Cleaning

A pop of colour here and a splash of colour there is the perfect way to add interest to any room.  Nothing says refreshing new season like a freshly painted house.  Painting the interior in the spring is the quick and easy way to get all your spring cleaning done.
flowers in a pot on a window sill of interior house in Ottawa

Best Ways To Add Colour With Paint

No need to paint an entire room or buy new furniture to add a splash of colour.  Without making a huge commitment you can bring a pop of colour to any interior space by being creative with these ideas.

interior painting of room by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa


Accessories – Adding accessories like flowers, artwork, lamps or rugs is the perfect way to making a change to the look of a space without going over budget.  The following are a few ideas on how you can creatively add that punch of colour to your space.

Bring in some flowers – It is an easy and quick way to add a burst of colour by bringing in a colourful arrangement or bouquet of flowers.  Floral arrangements add life to any room and it is an instant and immediate change to the decor.

Fabric – Instead of making a big investment by buying a new sofa or couch or even having it re-upholstered why not bring in some accent pillows, new side table lamps, or a few differently sized vases.  These accessories will add detail and interest to the space as well as colour without making a huge dent in the wallet.

Flooring Without doing a total revamp of installing new flooring or carpeting, add that pop of colour by adding an accent or area rug to the room.  Wall to wall carpeting is expensive but adding area rugs to accent the visual space in a room is more cost effective and not as long of a commitment.  They are easily changed once a new colour is to be introduced to the space.

Art  Add personality to any room with a bold piece of art.  Purchasing a painting with a bold colour to highlight the space draws the eye to the beauty of the room.  Add a collage of pictures and photographs in different sized frames to create the gallery look and display your artwork collection proudly.

Window Treatments – Create a comfy feel to the room by adding window treatments.  Adding blinds or drapes is another creative way to introduce that splash of colour to a room.

Simple pops of colour can be added to a room with accessories like vases, throw blankets, accent pillows, area rugs, lamps and more.  Without going into a long term commitment of replacing all the furniture.

How Painting The Interior Is A Quick Way To Get Spring Cleaning Done

Adding a bold paint colour to accent a wall or painting the entire room, is the perfect enhancement to your space without spending a fortune.  Make a room look larger with paint colours, show off your personality and make your space inviting, tranquil and serene.

Painting can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get all your spring cleaning done.  Since rooms may need to be emptied and cleared alread for painters to work in, it is an opportune time to declutter and re-organize any room.

Get your spring cleaning done quickly and easily by hiring professional painters in Ottawa.  Invest in your home by scheduling a consultation.  Contact a painting company in your area to get started.


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