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A homeowners first impression of a painting business is key to a successful collaboration.  The customer service begins at a google search to find painters near you, contacting the painting company to set up the consultation for an estimate and quote .

Consumers will base their decisions for choosing which Ottawa painters to work with based on what they read from other customer reviews and testimonials about their experience of working with the painting contractor, to learn more about their reputation to help them find the best painters in Ottawa to work with in their home.

Let the following tips be your guide in helping you choose the best painter for the job when you are searching for painting services in Ottawa.

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Tips To Find A Painting Company in Ottawa

The best way to know if a contractor is reliable, trustworthy and experienced is to first ask family, friends, neighbors and co-workers whom they have hired for a painting project in their home.  Word of mouth referrals are always the perfect way to start a search for a painting company in Ottawa.  If no one you know has previously hired any Ottawa painters we suggest the following tips to help you find the perfect one.

Tip 1 – Begin your search in your Ottawa neighborhood to find local painters as it is important to support small local businesses.

Tip 2 – Visit the painting company website to discover all the services they provide.  Here you can also explore their previous work by visiting their project gallery.

Tip 3 – Read the online reviews to get information about others experiences with working with the painting company.

Tip 4 –  Contact them to set up an in-home consultation, where you have the opportunity to meet with the potential painters that will be working in your home.

Tip 5 – Prepare for the interview between you and the painter by making a list of things to ask once they arrive at your home.  You will want to know things like what type of paint brands are used, whether they will apply two or three coats of paint, if you need to have walls, ceilings, trim and baseboards painted or do you just need the walls done.  Going through the details of the painting project at the meeting is the ideal time to list all the work you need done.  This meeting also provides the painters the opportunity to inform you of the scope of the work to be done, clarifying details like painting everything or just paint the walls at this time.  They will review paint colours with you, help you choose the right paint finish or sheen for either your interior or exterior painting project.

Tip 6 – Get a painting quote which will give you a list of the services that will be provided, the cost to paint, along with labour and taxes.  An estimate for painting can be emailed to you after the meeting.  Make sure that all the details and scope of the work is listed to ensure you get no surprises after the project begins.

Tip 7 – Contact at least three different painting companies to provide you with an estimate.  This will give you an idea of the difference between some low end and high end bids to help you make the final decision.

Doing your due diligence to hire a qualified painting contractor is ensuring you receive the best services from a reputable and trustworthy painting company.  When it comes to choosing a professional house painter to work with  you want to be sure you get the quality and guaranteed work you are paying for.  

Hiring an amateur, fly-by painter that is only here one season and gone the next may save you some money at the start, but if you are asking yourself is it expensive to hire a professional painter wait until the amateur is finished.

Cheaper painters do not offer the same experience and quality of work as painters that have been around for years.  Hiring amateur unqualified painters will end up costing you way more, since you will have to pay them what they were asking for and then have to call in the real professional painters to do it all over again.

From using cheaper paints that do not provide good coverage instead of high quality paints,  skipping on the necessary prep work before painting, such as drywall patching and repairing, not using primers, not using the right type of paint finish, to starting the work and not returning to finish it, leaving behind a mess of empty or left over paint cans, spilled paint, or paint on places it was never supposed to be.

Don’t find yourself getting ripped off by cheaper painting quotes.

First Impressions

That moment you connect with a painting company whether it is through email or by phone, a first impression is already made.  The tone used in their emails or how they answer their phones is key to that first connection.

When a house painting contractor meets with you at your home, there is a first impression made right from the time they arrive, whether they arrive later than the set appointment time.  It can happen that painters organize several estimates for one day, and sometimes due to traffic delays, or previous appointments taking longer than expected they can arrive 10 to 15 minutes later.  It would be courteous of the painter to contact the next homeowner to let them know they are running behind.

The introduction is everything.  Did they properly introduce themselves, extend a friendly handshake and offer you a business card.    Just minor details of course but it makes it a lot more professional.

Customer Service

By reading through the company’s website, checking out their online reviews, testimonials and social media sites, you will get to know a little more about their customer service.  Happy customers will leave glowing reviews, but you will also be able to read any negative reviews that people may leave.

When scanning through all the online reviews for the different companies you will be considering for hire, you will get an understanding of what type of customer service they provide and whether you want to be working with them.


Every small local Ottawa painter works hard at earning and keeping their reputation.  Some will  have been in the painting business for 5, 10 or over 30 years.  They work hard at maintaining their companys reputation at being exceptional in craftsmanship, quality of work they provide and they strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Next time you are considering to hire a painter we hope you will connect with PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painters .  We pride ourselves on providing you with over 30 years of experience, providing you exceptional customer service, quality work and we look forward to connecting with you for your next painting project.

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This post was originally published on Feb 23, 2015 and updated Apr 27, 2020