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A homeowners first impression of a painting business is key to a successful collaboration.  The customer service begins at a google search to find painters near you, contacting the painting company to set up the consultation for an estimate and quote .

Consumers will base their decisions on what they read from other customers reviews and the testimonials about their experience with the painting contractor and their reputation to find the best painters in Ottawa to work with in their home.

Here are a few tips to finding painting services in Ottawa that you can work with.  Let them be a guide to helping you choose the best painter for the job.

Tips To Find A Painting Company

When planning a home painting project you want to start with the search to find a painter in your Ottawa neighborhood.

After going through their online reviews, your next step is to contact them and set up an appointment to meet.

To prepare yourself for the interview between you and the painter, make a list of things to ask the painter once they arrive at your home.

You will want to ensure you specify all the areas where the painting is to be done.  To get the best quote, you will want to make sure you include things like whether you want to paint just the walls, or if painting the ceiling, baseboards, trim and doors are to be included in the quote.

You will also want to be able to provide paint colours you may have selected and the type of paint finish or sheen you want used for either the interior or exterior project you want completed.

The painter should then be able to provide you with an estimate as to how much it will cost to paint the areas you asked for.  The estimate may be provided to you at the interview or emailed to you later.  It should include the cost of all materials and labour plus taxes.

After you have interviewed and received a quote from at least three painting companies, you can then decide on which to choose to work with you in your home.

Searching for a Professional House Painter in Ottawa

Doing your due diligence to hire a qualified painting contractor is ensuring you receive the best services from a reputable company

First Impression Of A Painting Contractor

First Impression of a house painting contractor is everything.  It sets the level of comfort for the homeowner as to who will be working in their house.

From the moment the paint contractor walks up to your front door, the attire, the kind of work vehicle they arrive in, to the spoken words at your meeting all great things to keep in mind.

A professional will show up in a company marked vehicle, rather than an unmarked vehicle, beaten and rundown.

A first impression of someone that shows up with ripped and worn out attire, chewing gum, texting while ringing the doorbell, no proper introduction upon arrival, arriving late, and of course those that arrive unprepared to answer the homeowners questions and explaining any details of the scope of the painting work to be done.

These are all things to look for when you want to hire a painter or any other kind of contractor who will be doing work in your home.

Many of the answers, of course, you can also find on a professional painter website, but there is a huge difference with meeting someone over the web and when you have them in your home.

At PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painters we pride ourselves on providing you with over 30 years of experience.


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