First Impressions, Customer Service, Reputation

Customer Service in the painting business is key to the happiness of the homeowner as well as the house painter.

It’s important to provide 100% customer service at all times. Read our true testimonials provided by our clients in their own words.  Let them be a guide to helping you choose a professional painter in Ottawa

Searching for a Professional House Painter in Ottawa

When doing a Google Search for a professional house painter in Ottawa and local neighbourhood areas what is the first thing that comes to mind?

You ask yourself, How much will it cost me? How fast can they get it done?  Do I have to give up workdays?  Is this gonna upset my routine or family schedule, or maybe even, what is the quality of work and reputation?  All great questions to ask yourself as well as the painting contractor who you will be meeting for that in home free house painting estimate/consultation.

First Impression of a painting contractor

First Impression of a house painting contractor is everything. It sets the level of comfort for the homeowner as to who will be working in their house. From the moment the paint contractor walks up to your front door, the attire, the kind of work vehicle they arrive in, to the spoken words at your meeting all great things to keep in mind. It’s not professional at all to show up in an unmarked vehicle, beaten and rundown, ripped and worn out attire, chewing gum, texting while ringing the doorbell, no proper introduction upon arrival, being late, and of course if they arrive and are not sure how to explain the finer details of the scope of the painting work. These are all things to look for when hiring a painter or any contractor who will be doing work in your home. Many of the answers, of course, you can also find on a professional painter website, but there is a huge difference with meeting someone over the web and when you have them in your home.

We at PG Paint & Design, pride ourselves on being your Local Ottawa, Professional Interior & Exterior House Painters with 30 years experience, Independently Owned & Operated and located in the Ottawa Area. Our Testimonials are our reputation and we uphold the strongest belief that when clients/customers leave us a review it is because they have been 100% satisfied with the best painting work done in their home.

We appreciate our clients time in reviewing us and we appreciate them allowing us to work with them in their homes and with their families. We are also thankful for all the word-of-mouth referrals our loyal clients pass along to their family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.  We invite you to read some of the Testimonials and reviews our website as well as you will find more Reviews for Ottawa Painters on the biggest house/home improvement and decorating community.

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